Modern Warfare


Wow! What an incredible video. His description of drone warfare is frightening…everything we thought we knew about war needs to be re-evaluated. The only thing I can think of is what a pointless waste of life.


Frightening? Look at this video of a swarm of drones flying in a coordinated fashion through a forest. Imagine those drones being armed. Imagine being on the receiving end of that incoming.

Of course, these drones are Chinese, made in China with Chinese parts and Chinese Intellectual Property. If only we had a leadership class with enough intelligence to recognize which way the wind is blowing.



What I don’t understand is how many conservative boomers (note I said “many” not “all”) still think that China is a paper dragon and that somehow the United States will come out on top as if it were ordained by God. Nobody (it seems) is taking any of this seriously.

I think this video was posted in a previous comment, but it’s worth posting again:

Erik Prince on the many failures of the U.S. military:


?What exactly are people expecting. Combat is brutal in any theatre, under any circumstances. The killing of men is traumatizing, doesn’t matter who you are. This isn’t like the South Side of Chicago. There the thugs are looking for a payday. If you don’t look like a mark, if there is a sense that you’re dangerous, you will probably get a pass. Not so in combat. Everyone is at risk. Men are incredibly creative when it comes to thinking of ways to kill other men.

This, more than anything, makes these times so dangerous. The Chinese soldier is in China, so he’ll say stupid things like “It’s different in China.” It isn’t those who will fight will fight; the rest will hunker down and avoid what they can. It’s what combat IS.

So all the dolts who call for revolution here are just blowing smoke. They will be the first to quit the battlefield when it gets tough - and that’s with First Contact. Guaranteed.


Great points. If I were in a situation holed up in a demolished building under a cement slab, which would I be more afraid of: being attacked by a swarm of relentless AI-controlled drones or to have a load of burning napalm dropped on me by a passing plane? Hard to say…both seem equally horrific in their own ways…and the outcome would be the same.

Was the Chinese soldier in China when he made the video? Maybe it doesn’t matter. When he said that it’s different in China, I assumed he was referring to fellow soldiers in the Chinese military. Anyway, you would know better than I if that statement has merit or not.

Totally agree. I’ve been shamed as being a coward and a defeatist…maybe I am, but at least I’m honest. If given a choice between going out in a blaze of glory or running away, I’d choose running away every day of the week and twice on Sundays.


Col. Reisner’s badge and insignia were intriguing. You will notice the initials “A.E.I.O.U.” on his sleeve and throughout the video. This is the emblem of the Theresian Military Academy (source)

It turns out the acronym goes back to the 1400s and Fredrik III, which is credited with its creation. It stands for “Alles Erdreich ist Österreich untertan” or “Austriae est imperare orbi universo” in Latin, meaning “All the world is subject to Austria”. The book of knowledge has an interesting page on it.

Col. Reisner currently leads the Theresian Military Academy (source). He has been deployed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Chad, Mali, and the Central African Republic. Academically, he is a drone / robotic warfare expert with two books published in 2018 and 2022.

It would be interesting to watch a similar presentation of a Chinese General Staff officer equivalent to Col. Reisner. Would certainly make for an interesting comparison if one were available.


It’s not like we didn’t know what’s coming, here’s a short film from 2017:


Wow!! Thanks a lot for the video—I hadn’t seen that one before—makes one wonder if predictive programming is really a thing. This just drives home the fact that loading up on guns and ammo is an exercise in futility…unless you have your own swarm of anti-drone drones, there’s really no defending against what’s coming down the pike. Do you think the world will actually turn into a dystopian hellscape with killer drones flying all around?


There’s a long history of innovation in weapons, and we’re going in for a new round around robotic weapons, whether we want it or not. Drones are useful both for offense as well as defense.


Ukraine has attacked two Russian early ballistic missile warning stations this past week. The second one attacked is 1500km away from Ukraine and does not even face toward Ukraine, so it is of no military use in the war. This is a profoundly dangerous and destabilizing tactic, as Russia has no alternative but to infer the possibility that the US/NATO is planning a first strike. These attacks make no other sense, could likely not have been carried out without western permission, and have forced Russian fingers nearer the actual ‘end of the world’ button. Why is it I sense this would be quite OK to members of the WEF?


Thus, it is also not pointing at NATO. The Orsk site is on a straight line between the Western Chinese ballistic missile fields and European Russia.


I keep waiting for the usual announcement from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists that the Doomsday Clock has now advanced to half a second before midnight. But – ever so strangely – things seem to be very quiet on that front.

Could it be that group was not a front for Russian disinformation all along?


My question for the last few years has been “When and to whom did Putin lose the KGB’s keys to the Western left? Or did he?”

He apparently had them in 2009 to receive the Reset Button.

He apparently had them in 2012 when the 1980s called wanting it’s foreign policy back and Obama could be more flexible after the election.

He apparently had them in 2018 (after invading Donbas and Crimea):

If he actually lost them, why we still disarming instead of nuking up? Did Putin lose those keys to another power that wants to see both the US and Russia destroyed?


Putin has been playing the left and the right. That’s his genius innovation.


Great idea, you should connect with


Maybe Russia should back down from invading other countries that don’t like it and show the virtue of stabilization?


Would that also apply to … say … US/NATO? The descendants of Ghaddafi would like to know. As would the surviving relatives of large numbers of people in Vietnam, the Balkans, the Middle East, and Afghanistan


People have died for power and glory from the beginning of mankind.

But a wise ruler shouldn’t fight losing wars.


?Who said anything about wisdom. ?Has the Federal government shown anything even approaching understanding, not to mention wisdom. Government and its associated “civil service” workers is singularly populated with low achievers, non-ambitious, often terminally stupid people. Those not smart enough to figure out how to game the system will inevitably plod their way to meaninglessness.