Modern Warfare

People are afraid of AI but we’ve actually got brainless institutions that run on top of the institutional codes, and intelligent people feel like cogs in the wheel :slight_smile: That’s our Matrix.

I’m reminded of this quote from The Crow :

A man has an idea. The idea attracts others, like-minded. The idea expands. The idea becomes an institution. What was the idea?

And that’s why I’m excited about efforts like that update this thinking.




This sounds very interesting and the short video says all the right things. My main response, though, is that my age - having not been born and raised in the digital world - prevents me from grasping just what it means or might be able to accomplish.


Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, is developing AI-powered military drones designed for combat operations. His secretive startup, initially called White Stork and now renamed Project Eagle, aims to create low-cost “kamikaze” drones equipped with small explosive payloads and advanced visual targeting capabilities enabled by artificial intelligence.[1][2][3] These drones are intended to support Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia, as Schmidt has been a vocal advocate for providing such technology to Ukrainian forces.[3]

Schmidt has been actively involved in the project, visiting Ukraine multiple times to meet with government officials and tour testing facilities.[3] He has poached talent from major tech companies like Apple, SpaceX, and Google, as well as from the federal government and his own organizations.[2] The drones are being developed to operate autonomously in environments with GPS jamming, using AI for visual targeting and navigation.[3]

The key advantages of these AI drones include increased operational efficiency through rapid data processing, enhanced situational awareness, and reduced risk to human personnel.[1] However, concerns have been raised about the ethical implications of autonomous weapon systems, potential escalation of conflicts, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.[1]

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It’s perhaps worth reading the book. It’s a group of brilliant people trying to build a way of thinking and grassroots institutions that will eat China from the inside once it swallows Taiwan.




Interesting. I may order the book myself. En passant, does anyone else find the relentless squirmy ‘particles’ on their webpage … unhelpful, offputting, distracting?


I think the goal is to get you off the website into either a) book b) github c) Discord as fast the possible :slight_smile:


Sneaky buggers!


I have been reading portions of their online book at the website. I find the use of a icon or symbol in place of plurality (I think) really off putting.

I have only read a few chapters and so far I am not getting the message. Maybe I should have watched the video or maybe the use of the term “right wing” biased me or maybe I am too biased against democracy as an idea.

I also believe anyone that proposes universal basic income does not understand second order consequences. We already have UBI for parts of the US. The authors should visit an Indian reservation in South Dakota.

Yes, they have proposals or ideas for trying to contain the bad outcomes of democracy, but I haven’t seen them really address issues I believe are root cause democracy killers.

One issue with democracy is that it is ripe for panics. When bad things happen, overwhelming majorities of people demand a short term fix in exchange for a long term loss. These panics compound until there are enough people dependent on the government that a strong voting block is formed.

As indicated, I am working my way through it. Maybe I am premature and I will get it after reading more.


Merci, Metellus!

I’ve ordered hard copy and expect it to arrive in about a week’s time. I’ll give it a go and report back.


There’s both Reps and Dems (and their international equivalents) involved in this project, but most volunteer projects will end up being Dem-dominated in part because Dems have more time having subsidized intellectual work. To some extent the Reps have limited ability to police the words, but if you look underneath the omnipresent lefty coating, it’s a bipartisan effort.


OK – because of the buzz, I bit on the link:
Plurality: The Future of Collaborative Technology and Democracy

From intimate digitally empowered telepathy to global trade running on social networks rather than money, Plurality offers tools to radically enrich relationships while making sure we leave no one behind.

Telepathy? Social networks rather than money? Leave no one behind?

This sounds like the output of a low-grade Large Language Model which has been trained on the essays of woke Middle School students – and not the brightest students either!

Human beings have written more books than any of us could read in multiple lifetimes. With the limited time left to me on Planet Earth, “Plurality” does not make it onto my reading list.


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This kind of reminds me of an old story.

When we first went into space, we needed a writing utensil. We designed what was called a Space Pen. It was a ball point with a special cartridge that was pressurized so it could write upside down and in zero G.

The Russians took a pencil.


Relentless march to destruction. Words fail to express my disappointment.


Putin can quote Obama and say the starting point for peace talks must be pre 1967 borders


You mean, Ukrainians took a pencil, and Russians are trying to keep up with burnt pieces of wood?

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