Narrowly avoiding World War III

Below is a half hour interview with US Army Colonel Doug McGregor (Retired) which some people might find interesting.

There seems little doubt that the Ukrainians fired a missile into Poland, killing two Polish citizens. And clear evidence that the Ukrainian leadership immediately tried to use this unfortunate incident to drum up support for NATO intervention into the ongoing conflict within the Ukraine. The open issue is whether the missile was a deliberate act by the Ukrainians or an accident?

Col McGregor comes down on the side of an accident, with the Ukrainian missile operators being under tremendous pressure. In a sense, this is a tribute to the colonel’s objectivity, since he clearly has little time for the kind of person (like Gen Milley) who scrambles to the top of the US military’s greasy pole, and seems to believe that the US (at least its Deep State operators) bear a lot of responsibility for the tragedy going on in the Ukraine.

Interestingly, McGregor claims that there are already Polish troops in Ukrainian uniforms fighting in the Ukraine. He describes an incident in which Azov-type Ukrainians ordered Polish forces to make a suicidal charge – Poles refused – firefight between Poles & Ukrainians. The colonel appears to have sources within the US military, but whether that report is accurate or not … who can say?

Overall conclusion has to be that Western media could be doing a much better job of giving us nominal non-belligerents in Europe & the US a much more complete picture of the conflict in the Ukraine – if they were not intent on merely pumping out pro-Kiev propaganda.

Ukraine Russia War - What is Next? - YouTube


The Twitter “Swarm” (see John Robb’s analysis of “Swarms vs Nukes”) got Bloomberg News to report the false news that Russia launched rockets against Poland.

The US military brass is a bunch of girls, of all sexes and ages, staring at their smart phones, so don’t be surprised if the Twitter Swarm triggers a nuclear war.

I wrote an article on LinkedIn in response to this swarming behavior and how Musk can take action to avert WW III while reversing trends toward collectivist Swarming that is overtaking the culture of individuality that previously characterized Americans:

Musk: Move Away From Twitter Swarms Toward Individual Choice

Then we are treated to North Korea’s increasing frequency of cool videos of ICBMs.

Bear in mind that for 50 years the West’s national security community has presided over the alienation of its draft age men from its leadership – to the point that an EMP would be welcome and total collapse of the West would be welcome by draft age men. This is exactly the kind of thing that one would expect if a Maoist thinktank had reacted to the “hundred years of humiliation” by utilizing post WW II paranoia about “Nazis” in the US to destroy the West through a kind of “gain of function” on that paranoia so as to enable collectivist takeover and swarming behavior to destroy the legitimacy of the West’s institutions.

This is why I’m rather insistent that people get going on Militia Money in their local communities. We might not have much time to establish resilience through local autonomy in the basics of life support and revitalize the identification of young men with leadership that has been undermined down to the local level through the buy-off of employers and rent seekers with cheap immigrant labor. Otherwise, we’ll be facing a French Revolution at best and a rhyme with the Thirty Years War at worst.