NASA Artemis I Space Launch System/Orion—November 2022 Launch Campaign

Artemis I is now falling back toward the Earth from the Moon, accelerating as it drops deeper into Earth’s gravity well. At this point, all major maneuvers are done and Newton is in the driver’s seat. Live coverage of the Orion capsule’s re-entry and splashdown in the Pacific Ocean off San Diego, California will begin at 16:00 UTC on 2022-12-11, with splashdown at 17:39 UTC. Orion will perform a “double dip” re-entry, minimising heat load on the capsule’s heat shield and allowing more precise targeting of the splashdown location.


Artemis I now barreling down Earth’s gravity well toward re-entry and splashdown at 17:39 UTC. Coverage is live in the Webcast in the previous comment.

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Flying over Antarctica on the way to the Pacific Ocean off San Diego, California.




The announcer was gobsmackingly pretentious, as if no one but NASA is doing anything involving the moon.


Here is the NASA Artemis I post-splashdown briefing and news conference.

Here is the NASA Artemis I Post-Flight media teleconference held on 2023-03-07.

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