NASA Facing Massive $2.7 Billion Cost Overruns at Its Facilities

Some things never change …


While the National Aeronautics and Space Administration manages $40 billion in facility assets, more than 75 percent of it is beyond its design life and NASA faces a deferred maintenance backlog of $2.7 billion as of 2020, according to a recent report on cost overruns from NASA Office of Inspector General.

It is not really surprising that NASA suffers from cost overruns on construction of its new facilities – that problem affects almost any organization which is operating at the bleeding edge of technology. But 75% of its existing facilities being beyond their design life? That smacks of bureaucratic incompetence!

Of course, we have to acknowledge that Leftie city councils across the developed world would rather spend money on something shiny & new than on maintenance of an existing facility. Why would NASA’s administrators be any different? And who would expect the denizens of Congress to demand good maintenance of existing facilities before agreeing to fund something new?


Gavin, the political buzz word of the day is accountability, as in lack of it nearly everywhere in gummint. There is simply no career downside to the bureaucratic bungling you so well describe. And, apparently, there is little integrity involved either. Thank our lucky stars for Elon Musk, eh?

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