NeoLiberal, NeoConservative

It’s been said that the Left in this country are constantly trying to relive the “glory days” of the Vietnam War when they were able to disrupt the society and supposedly “stop” a war. Well, let it now be said that the NeoCon in this country are constantly trying to relive the “glory days” of World War II where there was unwavering support for the boys overseas and any dissenting voices were destroyed by an overwhelming propaganda machine. Need proof? Well check out some of the prominent NeoCon voices on twitter:

Maybe one ought to read this excerpt from Hillsdale’s excellent Imprimis series.

Where’s the excerpt?

Tried unsuccessfully to link on Imprimis. Fixed that now.

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I read that, and already posted about it, “Immiseration Nation”.
Oh but Ben is so right! All Americans SHOULD a oppose “communist/authoritarian regimes”.

Like the one the Dems are trying to put over on us here at home.


All Americans should oppose murder. Anyone that disagrees with our plan to eliminate jury trials for murder crimes is for murder.

What Ukraine needs now is for all those people that tweet or write pieces that “stand” with them to grab a weapon and head into the war zone. I would ask the author of this sentence whether they are making arrangements to go help. I can get them an “assault” weapon.