Netherlands Announces New COVID-19 “Partial Lockdown”

Newsweek reports “Netherlands Bans Fans From Stadiums in New Partial Lockdown Amid Surge in COVID Cases”. Measures include early closing of bars, restaurants, and supermarkets, and stores selling “non-essential items” to close at 18:00. Sports matches will be played in empty stadiums.

84.4% of the population of the country is vaccinated. Here are daily cases statistics from Worldometers.


Thank goodness the vaccines are “safe and effective.”


“Measures include early closing of bars, restaurants, and supermarkets, and stores selling “non-essential items” to close at 18:00.”

Thank goodness this virus can tell the time, and knows not to infect anyone before 6.00 pm.


How does concentrating supermarket patrons into a shorter time window reduce the spread?


The whole CovidScam keeps making me think about the “Ghost Dancing” episode among certain American Indians in the late 1800s – an entire culture gripped by insanity. Reducing store hours is no more likely to get rid of a flu-like virus than getting a dance right would have been to send the intruders back to Europe. The madness of crowds!


I think there’s also virtue of austerity / “make 'em suffer” mentality going on. During the first wave of lockdowns in Switzerland, supermarkets which remained open blocked off the aisles containing “non-essentials” with what amounted to crime scene tape. Items deemed non-essential included “household goods” such as light bulbs and “office supplies” such as pens, pencils, and paper.

The people were, after all, already in the supermarket and the goods were sitting there on the off-limit shelves. If they needed those things, they would have to go somewhere else to find them, increasing their exposure and that of other people compared to finding them in one place.

It has been the experience of the last 22 months that caused me to eliminate the phrase “That doesn’t make any sense” from my vocabulary.


During law school, my schedule was such that I would go to the 24 hour supermarket at around 4 or 5 AM. At that time, it would be one clerk, one guy driving a propane powered floor polisher, and me. How would making me go at 4 PM decrease my chances of catching or spreading a disease?


Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear this. I’m afraid all Europe will lock down again before I get back there in March.
Here in NEPA, we’re done with Covid.

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