New Material Could Drastically Increase the Efficiency of Solar Panels \...

Solar panel materials


I’m generally skeptical of solar panels and solar in general but I’m also open minded

Am I wrong to be skeptical?

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When people start talking about efficiencies greater than 100%, it is wise to start checking their definition of “efficiency”. Sort of like claiming that an electric vehicle is “zero emissions” … provided the definition ignores the emissions involved in mining the materials, processing them, manufacturing the vehicle, generating the electricity used by the vehicles, building the electrical distribution infrastructure required by the vehicle, and disposing of the vehicle in an environmentally sound manner at the end of its (no-too-long) working life.

The link did not even mention what the “new material” is. Interested parties want to know if the new material will remove the need for little African children to work in unhealthy cobalt mines? And will the new material work at night?