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I Just Can’t Keep Up!

I cannot strongly enough recommend you spend an hour of your precious time (a little less if you increase the playback speed) listening to Tucker Carlson’s interview with Mike Benz. Tucker’s brief introduction tells how qualified Benz is to tell this tightly-woven, shocking story. It is as though the molecules of air we breathe - odorless, colorless - have been replaced by an undetectable zombie-fying gas, aimed at i-lobotomy of the entire populace.

I came across this on a rare visit to “TheBurningPlatform” and was entitled “Can You Handle the Truth”? Sorry to say it is an apt title; it may eventually find its way to the tombstone at the head of the grave of the American Experiment. That trial of representative democracy is well and truly dead. It brings to mind a terrifying experience I had at about age 4.

Back then, my mother brought me along to the poultry store. It really stank. As we entered, I saw the butcher chop off the head of a chicken, whose dead body continued to run around in circles for 30 seconds or so. That headless-chicken activity is strikingly analogous to the chaotic motions of present US society. The chicken’s demise, though frightening to me, the child, was a part of the order of things in a functioning society; in the big picture, it was banal. The adult me knows that the killing of our once decent, self-critical and improving society, is an intentional act of evil on behalf of those whose power lust equals that of [pick and mass murdering head of state] of the past.

This interview describes just how the novel, refined, blatantly fascist combination of state, legacy “media” and big tech censors virtually everything - with granularity (as John Walker might have said). It left me shaken and hopeless.


I listened to this 2 days ago, and I feel the same way. Everybody should.
Basically: after 2016–Brexit and Trump—the CIA brought its well- honed skills home. Since it’s only supposed to be used against foreign powers, not domestically, there had to be a foreign power implicated. Cue the Russia hoax.
Benz says that our politics have morphed from supporting democracy itself (rule by the people) to supporting “democratic institutions”… And if course those “institutions” are not run by elected officials.

The scariest thing to me was the Pentagon’s involvement.

Now we know what will happen if by some miracle Trump wins enough of the vote that his victory can’t be concealed and manipulated: the military will remove him. And they’ll turn their guns on us.
And as Ol’ Jo[k]e scornfully said, they’ve got armored tanks ‘n’ shit. Our armed populace can’t successfully resist them for long.

It’s a long interview. It’s well summarized by Andrea Widburg and today, Clarice Feldman’s , pieces on American Thinker. Feldman’s is ‘Has our Government Erased the First Amendment?”
(iMHO: yes.)


Somebody reminded my yesterday of Reagan’s aphorism about democracy and how it must be fought for and revitalized by each generation. Our federal government’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies must be brought to heel, right now.


I wouldn’t hold my breath. For some of us it’s too late—we’ll be going down with the ship—but if you’re a young person who wants any kind of decent future, particularly with a family, it’s time to activate “Plan B” and plan on geting the hell out of the US (or any other Western country for that matter).


Won’t subscribe to despair. Hope is a virtue and optimism a luxury. In any case, where is it safe, and better, to go? Buy ammo.


Where to go? Maybe Russia. Thats where Edward Snowden ended up. He naively thought that the American public would be shocked and revolted a little over ten years ago when he revealed the extent to which our government was surveiling its citizens; surely it would change everything! They wouldn’t stand for it!
He was right. We lay down for it.
Some of the reactions to this Benz interview, like Scott Adams’, remind me of the Snowden incident. We should be appalled and galvanized into some kinda action by Benz’ revelations. And I am reading a lot about it on the sites I peruse. OUR sites.
But…a month from now? Will anybody even remember it?


“Though lads are making pikes again
For some conspiracy,
And crazy rascals rage their fill
At human tyranny,
My contemplations are of Time
That has transfigured me.”
— Yeats, from “The Lament of the Old pensioner”


There is much to be said for Russia, as anyone who has been there will say (as Tucker recently demonstrated). I was also highly impressed by China – at least for ordinary people (maybe not so much for Party elites). The highest concentration of beautiful ladies is undoubtedly in Kazakhstan – the intermarriage of Russians and Nomads had magical results, if that would be a factor in a young man’s decision.

But success in all those places would require language proficiency, which is a concentrated multi-year task. For someone stuck speaking English, but otherwise having drive & ability, the obvious place would be parts of the Middle East. The UAE and Oman show what the West could be, if we had a sensible Political Class.

For those young people who want to stay in the West (it is not only the US which is on the wrong path), there has to be a recognition that fixing the problems will take at least two generations (half a century).


Buy ammo.

If you want to go down in a blaze of glory taking pot-shots at a swarm of AI-controlled drones before they take you out, that’s your prerogative, but I would never encourage a young person to go on a suicide mission like that—it serves no purpose—just like all the young Ukranian men who have been sacrificed by criminals who couldn’t give a damn about their lives in a pointless war. In my opinion, leaving a country that is hell-bent on destroying itself is actually an act of hope, not dispair. And there’s always the possiblity of returning to one’s former country when the dust settles to help rebuild it.


Yeah. I :heart:you, TW, and I’d like to believe we could shoot our way outta this. But I can’t believe that.


I like how you think

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That interview was truly a bombshell. It finally reveals who is really behind the big push toward dystopia – the color-revolution, election-stealing and psy-ops people within the intelligence, military and diplomatic nexus of US government agencies, foundations, and contractors got turned inward on domestic US politics.
Here’s a better transcript than Robert Malone put up: transcript.

Here’s another interview with Mike Benz worth reading. Some quotes:

Every single one of the major tech platforms that exist today are government contractors. They are all subs. Google’s got CIA contracts, DOD contracts. You’ve got this huge interrelationship with Facebook and the U.S. State Department for our foreign policy operations abroad. You had the same thing with Twitter all the way back 2007 to 2009.

I was the deputy assistant secretary for International Communications and Information Technology, which is a long way of saying I ran the big tech portfolio for the State Department in the Economic Bureau.

I had three divisions under me. One was on security defending IT as it relates to low earth satellites and SpaceX and subsea cables and fiber optics. Another was our U.S. tech policy vis-a-vis countries on a one-off basis. The third division was multilateral affairs, which is basically the private sector.

This is where I ran into the Google lobbyists and the Facebook and the big tech consortium, and the nexus between big government and big tech.

I was there basically towards the end of 2020, principally where it was this period of intense consolidation between big government and big tech and a moment when big tech had basically severed the final vestiges of the social contract that had existed since the early '90s.

When I was practicing law and observing events in 2016, I came across research and news documents around the use of AI for content moderation on the internet. I saw the parallels between that and what I felt like I’d lived through as a kid in chess.

I tried to tell everybody I could, freedom on the internet has this existential threat to it right now because they’re going to do for chess analysis what Deep Blue and Fritz and Hydra did to completely change the game of chess–they’re going to do that but with the stakes of Western civilization.

They’re going to be able to look at any political narrative, any social belief. They’re going to be able to draw a topographical map of it. They’re going to be able to say what your score is for any particular social media post. They’re going to be able to transcribe your voice with speech to text.

The whole thing is going to be almost like a nuclear weapon. You don’t need a standing army of a hundred thousand censors. You can have one disinfo-lab in Stanford that is going to be able to provide input to computer scientists.

So lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened after the 2016 election.

You had institutions like Google Jigsaw who took this DARPA-funded AI. They started applying it domestically.


Well, I suppose that as long as you don’t have any political aspirations, you should be okay there.


In my dream world, anyone who shows the slightest sign of having “political aspirations” would immediately be transported to a remote island and left to fend for herself. Probably sterilze such people first, to make sure that the defective “political aspiration” gene gets thoroughly Darwinized out of the population.


Or you could just put some Novichok in their underwear.


The usual suspects are busy discussing how open we are to cyber- attacks, especially by China & Iran. These plausibly-deniable kinds of attacks - or at least probes - are already occurring and likely to accelerate. Considering that official warnings about the need to harden the grid (from at least 2 government commissions going back > 20 years!), it is nothing less than a failure of governance (you know, like debt which can never be repaid) that the grid remains largely vulnerable today.

Such facts - along with a no longer extant southern border, are open invitations to what becomes ever more likely, considering the hatreds of many throughout the world, plus a cadre of 5th columnists who want nothing more than societal collapse. The Attack details participation of the latter homegrown groups as well as those effectively invited to enter from Mexico.

We will be fortunate, indeed, if something very similar to The Attack does not occur. This is even more so the case in the wake of 9/11 (and its subsequent analyses). All the necessary pieces are already in place. The only question in my mind is whether it is by deep state design or incompetence that this is what we face. As Kurt Schlichter rightly imagines, the only effective responses were those of previously armed citizens (mostly carrying concealed) defending themselves, their families and their communities.

To me, this suggests the need for more guns on the front lines, rather than stocking up on yellow tape, shell casing markers and other paraphernalia of typical after-the-fact ‘law enforcement’. “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away”. If only our betters worked as hard on ‘terrorist control’ (like sending planeloads of cash to Iran) as they do on ‘gun control’ (like making it illegal to carry in those places which are attractive ‘soft targets’ - like post offices, churches, synagogues, etc.)!


Please put the blinders on and stop noticing these things.


Can do! Thats what we all do, just like we did with the Snowden incident. Because we feel helpless. Why fash ourselves when we cant do anything about it? I’m tellin ya, a war like in Dune is lookin more and more likely, if humans are ever gonna think for themselves again.