No Stopping a Bad Idea: The Redistribution of Poverty

It’s a cold, icy winter here so far on our plateau ! And it’s not quite December!
“Rising energy prices” are now a fact of American life, but with gasoline it’s one thing: to some extent we can decide how much to use. Idk, is that why nobody is really yelling about gas prices?
We don’t really have that option with home heating. Yes we can keep the thermostat low and wear sweaters à la Jimmy Carter, but if you cannot afford to keep your house reasonably temperate during winter, you will soon be homeless. Ice destroys. If you’ve ever had the misfortune to have to deal with a building the pipes of which have frozen, you know what I mean. It is a massive and disruptive undertaking just to thaw the system to the point where the broken pipes carry water again, and begin leaking throughout the entire structure.
So in my opinion, this is an opportunity for implementation of the Cloward-Pivens strategy. That’s why the Dems have deliberately engineered rising energy costs and shortages. It’s genius! The Russians used to rely on “General Winter” to repel any attack; they just had to wait for the inevitable ice and snow, as Napoleon found out.
Maybe the Socialist Dems are counting on “President Winter” or “Chairman Winter”, to effectuate the Cloward-Pivens goal of throwing everyone, all Americans, into the arms of government financial assistance. The cost of maintaining a temperate interior environment will rise SOOOO high that everybody needs help.
Just think: if global warming were actually real, this option wouldn’t be available to them! In general, for humans: heat good, cold bad. Cold kills many more people each year than heat. “Pray that it come not upon you in the winter”—even the Apocalypse will be worse if it’s cold at the time!
This is just one more tooth in the dragon’s mouth of our destruction.


Never ascribe to Malice that which can be explained by Incompetence.”

Or rather, the “thought leaders” may have malicious intent; but the vast Army of the Masked are simply incompetently going along and not using the brains the Good Lord gave them.

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The fact that the MSM (Google, Facebook, Twitter and the usual suspects) are not reporting it, doesn’t mean nobody is yelling. The calculus of what help or hurts the meta-narrative at any given point in time is beyond us mere mortals whose toil keeps our betters in fleets of SUV’s and Gulfstream V’s.