Nobel Prize in Physics Lectures 2022—Quantum Entanglement and Local Reality

Here are the cue points in the video for the lectures by the three prize winners.

  • 00:08:40 Alain Aspect
  • 00:46:10 John F. Clauser
  • 01:26:20 Anton Zeilinger

All of these are well worth your time, and provide a lucid introduction to the experiments that confirmed the predictions of quantum mechanics for the behaviour of entangled particles and ruled out any local hidden variable explanation of the correlation between spacelike separated particles.

John Clauser’s concluding remarks, starting at 1:05:28, are particularly interesting, discussing the implications of ruling out local realism and the “forgotten elephant in the room” of quantum mechanics and “Why I find quantum mechanics very difficult to understand.”


This whole issue has been clarified by Huw Price.

“This is a dialogue between Huw Price and Travis Norsen, loosely inspired by a letter that Price received from J. S. Bell in 1988. The main topic of discussion is Bell’s views about retrocausal approaches to quantum theory, and their relevance to contemporary issues.”
as well as other papers on the arXiv by him also Roderick Sutherland and also of course Yakir Aharonov.
Bell essentially proved that if you assume only retarded past causes of present effects for an entangled two-particle systems then you contradict the statistical pair correlation predictions of quantum theory. The problem is easily solved consistent with at least the spirit of relativity by admitting future advanced co-causes of present effects. Yakir Aharonov developed this in detail in his weak measurement theory with two pairs of independent wave functions destiny and history and their complex conjugates that gives new observational predictions now confirmed. All of this corresponds to EPR nonsignaling = ER traversable wormholes (LENNY SUSSKIND - and actually me in 1975 in more primitive form). The quantum theory that the Nobel Prize is about is like special relativity, a limiting case of what I call Post-Quantum Mechanics (PQM) analogous to general relativity. This involves a new version of the same action-reaction principle Einstein used to picture gravity as the curvature of spacetime. One needs Bohm’s interpretation not Bohr’s. The action-reaction principle applied in this new context has been mathematized by Roderick Sutherland using the action principle with some nice spin offs including a new approach to “naive quantum gravity.” In Lenny Susskind’s terms this is
EPR signaling = ER traversable wormholes.