Nuclear War With Russia?

Nuclear War with Russia? ‘A Wall of Fire that Encompasses Everything Around Us at the Temperature of the Center of the Sun.’ –

A thought-provoking discussion with Ted Postol of MIT & other Ruling Class institutions about how things could go wrong in the present circumstances.

“So we’re in a dangerous situation. We have a lot of—I’m sorry, because I’m so disturbed by this—we have a bunch of punks, you know, 30-year-old punks who come from privileged backgrounds, claiming they’re experts in policy when they actually do not have the basic knowledge. And they’re advising presidents.”

Postol points out there is a lot of blame to go round for the current situation in the Ukraine, and serious risks of this escalating to a civilization-ending conclusion. Unfortunately, he does not point to a way of resolving the situation – and clearly he has very little confidence in the people in command in the US & NATO who are making decisions.


Earlier in the war, I was quite concerned about the possibility of nuclear war, but I’m not much for the moment. The hysterical rhetoric of the pro-Ukraine establishment is all domestic propaganda - these guys know exactly what they’re doing in running their proxy war. The only danger of escalation comes if Putin escalates from “Special Military Operation” to actual legally declared war, which is unlikely but possible, especially if UA pushes RU out of Donbass.

Neither side is anxious to expand the conflict, Putin needs to keep the scope in his control, and US/NATO just needs the pretext to push their desired domestic and international policies. I expect a peace deal to be struck sometime within the next month or two, which will allow all sides to declare themselves victorious, walking away with greater domestic power and popularity.

The future isn’t certain though - we’re looking at global food shortages, the USD’s position as global reserve currency slipping, inflation, and heightened competition with China.