On the Road with Tesla “Full Self Driving” Beta 10.69.1 [2022.20.10]

Note the demonstration of “Occupancy Networks” starting at 2:13, which use raw camera feeds to identify occupancy and velocity of objects in the vicinity of the car, even if they are not recognised. The release notes for this update say “We may now control for slow-moving UFOs.”


He noted at least two instances where there were two traffic lanes approaching an intersection (one de facto and one de jure) where the vehicle straddled them. That is not efficient behavior. If the vehicle is waiting to make a left turn, it is blocking vehicles behind it from making right turns.


This is time-lapse video of a one hour drive around San Francisco on [2020.20.11], the next incremental update after the one used in the original post. There is no commentary. The creator notes in a YouTube comment that he “Got a ‘Take Over Immediately’ at the end of the video, but what a drive!!”.