Open thread on Tesla Gigafactory Austin

I expect more news as Tesla ramps up production.

Something tells me Elon Musk wont be firing the people who did this:


Here is a live stream from Tesla of the Cyber Rodeo, which is scheduled to start at 02:00 UTC on 2022-04-08.

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The Model Y color palette, particularly the planned German production, is impressive for its richness.

My historic reaction to someone asking me what color car I wanted reflected some combination of:

  1. whatever hides dirt the best;
  2. whatever is easiest to keep cool;
  3. whatever blends best with its touch-up paint; and
  4. whatever reflects cop radar/lidar the least.

But the blue and red (and others to be made in Germany) blow me away.

Tesla should make a commercial showing a young engineer-looking guy with his girlfriend in 1990 buying a car and giving the salesman one of my answers. The girlfriend says something like โ€œYouโ€™re just like your fatherโ€ฆโ€

It repeats every few years through the stages in their lives until they take their daughter to buy the Model Y in 2022 and he is all about color.

So proud at how well and fast this plant was BUILT BY TEXANS IN TEXAS !!!

Drone show was mind boggling.

This is just extraordinary.

Note the wink of the eye at DOGE at 15:00 in the replay.

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