Passenger Landing a Boeing 737 with Mentour Pilot on the Radio

The other passengers would be lucky that Tom Scott ended up in the first officer’s seat.


Thank you for sharing - it’s enlightening to see how difficult it is to manually fly a passenger jet. The autopilot landing was pretty interesting as well.

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As a pilot with 1000 hours and commercial, instrument, multiengine, and flight instructor certificates, (never flew jets or big aircraft), I got to fly a DC-9 simulator about 25 years ago. I did quite well hand-flying. After they gave me a big wind shear and I didn’t crash, The two pilots watching from the back - my next door neighbor, who got me in, was in the right seat - suddenly said: “DON’T TURN AROUND!! IF YOU HEAR ANY STRANGE SOUNDS, it’s just 2 grown men crying”. Typical pilot humor.