Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack Grand Jury Indictment

The grand jury indictment:
clears up some of the confusion caused by the terribly written affidavit:

Apparently police let themselves in and encountered Pelosi and dePape struggling over the hammer.

*Edit. Although this seems more coherent than what was set out in the affidavit, as is seen in the comments below it may not be more coherent then the state complaint.

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Good to learn that both of the police officers who responded to the 911 call within 8 minutes had their body-worn cameras activated. So there won’t be any problem about making those videos public, then?

But let’s talk about the real crime. The charges include:
18 U.S.C. § 115(a)(1)(A) – Assault of an Immediate Family Member of a Federal Official

Why should assaulting a family member of a politician be treated any differently from the crime of assaulting any other US citizen? The only possible reason is that politicians want to be treated better than the rest of us peons – and they write what they jokingly refer to as the “laws”.


Here’s the state complaint:

This is painting a picture of dePape possibly partially restraining Pelosi when Pelosi opened the door.

It’s possible that:

  1. The State complaint is the most accurate.
  2. The earlier Federal affidavit was highly inaccurate possibly due to a combination of incompetence, lack of candor, and/or an unknown exigency like preparing the affidavit without access to the body cam footage. But I lean toward the first two exclusively.
  3. The later Federal grand jury indictment was based on differently limited evidence. The grand jurors may have been put in a position where they only had the 911 recording and the body cam footage. They may have drawn inferences from the footage different than what the officers stated.

It’s a jurisdictional issue. The Feds have no Constitutional authority to generally criminalize assault against an ordinary citizen.


Interesting point. To the ordinary citizen, it would seem then that Mr. Pelosi’s “alleged” attacker (innocent until proven guilty, etc) could either be charged under this ridiculous Federal “law” or could be charged under normal State law in California where the “alleged” offence took place – but not both. Double jeopardy, etc.

However, I am sure that my understanding on that is completely wrong, because the real Law of the US is now – Mess with the Democrat Establishment, and they will get you!


Body cam:

911 call:


Is this just highly effective misdirection? How did he get there in the first place? How did he enter the home? Why do photos show broken glass outside the French door through which he supposedly broke in? Has the entire police report been released? Highly selective release of info.