Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senate Candidate to Run “Let's Go Brandon” Super Bowl Ad

Fox New reports, “Pennsylvania Senate race: Dave McCormick to air ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ ad during Super Bowl”.

Fox News obtained McCormick’s 30-second ad, which is expected to air across NBC platforms during the Super Bowl in Pennsylvania.


I will be surprised if they run it.

Nascar wouldn’t even let LGBcoin advertise on a car.


I have to ask: did they run the ad?

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Thanks! Pittsburgh only made sense, for sure, but somehow I wish it had aired more widely.

It’s called “earned media“. You announce the commercial, and perhaps pay for only one small placement, but rely on word of mouth to cause more people to watch it online than ever see it on TV.

Digressing only slightly, I note that very few of the national commercials were released online in their full length forms prior to the game. Instead we got teasers.

A few years ago, nearly all were available. My theory is that the network imposes a penalty if the advertiser releases the commercial early. The commercials have become so important that releasing them early would tank the ratings and thus lower the price.