Photographic Film Manufacturing at Kodak (3): Slicing, Perforating, Spooling, and Packaging

Silver is expensive, and great pains are taken to recycle very bit used in coating film that doesn’t reach customers. This even includes the sprocket holes punched in 35 mm film at the rate of 384,000 holes per minute.


Now, this type of automation has been around for a couple generations. It is tremendously impressive, and I can only imagine the engineering and technical genius required to create it. We seem to be on the verge of a new generation of automation involving robots and AI for information/text automation (truth and propaganda, for good or ill). This leads me to a question: can the near future actually work, where a relatively few scientists, engineers and technicians with such technical leverage, are able to provide all the material needs of entire societies? Does it mean that the present abysmal “educational” system can continue to turn out illiterate innumerates, as long as a few smart and talented individuals somehow circumvent the dumbing-down of the system and go on to exploit their native talents (“wild talents” see The Autodesk File)? Those and the entrepreneurs who create the production are taxed heavily while the rest of the population lives off the “fat of the lan’” (Lennie Small, Of Mice and Men)? Are there enough of them? Can it work that way? (God help us).