Physics and Beyond—A Conversation with Jack Sarfatti

In a wide-ranging two and a half hour conversation with Danny Jones, physicist Jack Sarfatti, (@jacksarfatti here) discusses the nature of consciousness, UFO propulsion, messages from artificial intelligences in the future, quantum entanglement and signalling, the origins of the Strategic Defense Initiative, San Francisco in the 1970s, Gilbert and Sullivan, Uri Geller, and encounters with physicists, moguls, spooks, and the mighty.

For background on Sarfatti’s career, see David Kaiser’s 2011 book, How the Hippies Saved Physics. For information on Sarfatti’s current thinking and more recent career, see David Gladstone’s 2023 book, The Great Race: Physics, Paranormal, Time Travel, UFOs. The WARP Reactor [PDF, 35 pages], now being studied at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the U.S., incorporates Sarfatti’s ideas of modifying gravitation via engineered metamaterials.


There is a second episode, a bit shorter but also over 2 hours. I sucked it up and watched the entire ~5 hours. Not much physics in this interview, but a lot of apocryphal anecdotes and a glimpse into the life of an ivy league educated self-proclaimed wunderkind struggling to be taken seriously in an underworld of spooks and stupid schmucks. Jack is a sincere and fascinating guy with a lot of interesting things to say, but he’s a horrible salesman. I think I can understand his struggle to be taken seriously, and even relate to it on some level.


There was not a lot of physics in it because Danny Jones is a scatterbrained kid who kept interrupting me mid-sentence with stupid questions. Do you want some physics? Here it is. Also, you might try to be more polite.

Brian Josephson arranged an email exchange between me and Malcolm Perry.

This is my side of the story.

The issue is Einstein’s coupling 8piG/c^4 = 10^-43 Newtons^-1 = K in Einstein’s 1915 gravity field equation

Guv = KTuv

c = 1/(e0u0)^1/2 = is the coordinate 3D speed of far-field radiation 3x10^8 meters/sec in vacuum as measured in an inertial frame.

The 3D coordinate speed of light is computed from the 4D null geodesic equation ds = 0.

Perry agrees with me that K must be a scalar.

A scalar is a zero-rank tensor invariant under the continuous Lie group of transformation in a FIXED small region of 4D spacetime that we idealize as a point-like EVENT.

However, while c is a scalar invariant under the Lorentz subgroup, it is not invariant under the general group as it must be.

Therefore, Einstein’s choice of K is mathematically wrong.

Perry must give an argument to show that c is a zero-rank tensor under the general group.

He cannot because it’s not true.

However, suppose I am wrong, and he is right on that point.

K is a scalar field, but a scalar field is generally a variable field.

That is, K can depend on other parameters inside matter,

The SIX OBSERVABLES are easy to understand if K >> 10^-43 Newtons^-1.

For example, Lawrence Livermore Lab WARP FUSION REACTOR has K = 10^-11 Newtons^-1

Eqs (15), (16), Table IX


The Lorentz subgroup connects two inertial frame detectors.

The general group connects all possible detectors, both inertial and non-inertial.

The general transformation from an inertial to a rotating non-inertial frame shifts the 3D coordinate vacuum speed of light into two with a co-rotating and a counter-rotating speed - this is the Sagnac effect.

The tensor transformation’s physical meaning is that the past light cones of the two detectors must intersect the future light cone of the fixed event X.

As I recall, Perry has been sloppy using the word “constant” when the precise concept is “invariant”.

The 3D coordinate vacuum speed of light is a contingent dynamical property and need not be the same number in different parts of spacetime.

It is mainly determined from the forward elastic scattering S-Matrix element of a real photon off virtual electron-positron pairs.

The Unruh effect shows that the boundary between real and virtual particles is only Lorentz invariant, not generally invariant.

This implies that it is the forward elastic scattering of a real photon off both virtual and real electric charges that must be used in Einstein’s K inside matter.

Einstein’s K has not been tested inside dispersive matter.

All the tests are vacuum tests with Tuv = 0.

Furthermore, since typically gravity is so weak, Feynman’s spin two quantum field theory is adequate for our purpose, and it easily handles matter dispersion.

In the lowest order, take the Fourier transform of Einstein’s equation as a convolution integral in x space so that in k space, it is

Guv(k) = K(k)Tuv(k)

where k is the four momentum vector. For a massless graviton field on mass-shell k^2 = 0

That corresponds to FAR FIELD gravity waves.

However, we are not interested in that.

The WARP/WORMHOLE metric engineering explaining THE SIX OBSERVABLES is an off-mass shell gravity NEAR FIELD Guv induced by an electromagnetic-matter tensor quasiparticle hybrid stress-energy tensor Tuv.

k^2 =/= 0

What we are seeing in UFOs is

K(k^2 =/= 0) >> 10^-43 Newtons^-1

This is my final solution to the UFO mystery.

This is how an apprentice to Hans Bethe, who studied with Arnold Sommerfeld, looks at the evidence.


John, this is what you wrote about around 1997 can you find that URL for me?

Discovery of Strange Form of Atmospheric Life May Explain Some UFOs

Nobel Laureate Irving Langmuir created the term “plasma” in the 1920s. He chose the term because he noted that plasma acted almost as if it were an alive figure. Its behavior is complex and hard to predict. It forms itself into cells that remain separate from each other. It creates long twisted currents that carry energy from one region to another. It separates the atoms of one element from the atoms of another. At higher energy levels, it creates dozens of specific patterns of shapes and behavior that evolve in predictable ways. Langmuir isn’t the only one to compare plasma behavior to life. Several contemporary scientists have too:

Dr. Mircea Sanduloviciu and his associates, physicists at Cuza University in Romania, successfully created blobs of gaseous plasma that can grow, replicate and communicate–fulfilling most of the traditional requirements for biological cells. Without inherited material, some say they cannot be described as alive, while others say that is exactly what is happening when aerial plasma “merge”–they “inherit” the attributes of the other. The plasma spheres that Sanduloviciu created showed cell-like self organization in microseconds. Some suggest that these plasmoids could arise naturally in our atmosphere, but just how is not yet known.

The researchers created environmental conditions that existed on Earth before biological life began, when the planet was surrounded in electrical storms. This caused plasmas to form in the atmosphere. They placed two electrodes into a chamber containing a low temperature plasma. They then applied a high voltage to the electrodes, producing an arc of energy that flew across the gap between them. Sanduloviciu says this electric spark caused a high concentration of ions and electrons to accumulate at the positively charged electrode, which spontaneously formed spheres. Each sphere had a boundary made up of two layers–an outer layer of negatively charged electrons and an inner layer of positively charged ions. Trapped inside the boundary was an inner nucleus of gas atoms. The amount of energy in the initial spark governed their size and life span. Sanduloviciu grew spheres from a few micrometers up to three centimeters in diameter. A distinct boundary layer that confines and separates an object from its environment is one of the four main criteria generally used to define living cells. Sanduloviciu decided to find out if his cells met the other criteria: the ability to replicate, to communicate information, and to metabolize and grow. He found that the spheres could replicate by splitting into two. Under the right conditions they also got bigger, taking up neutral argon atoms and splitting them into ions and electrons to replenish their boundary layers. Finally, they could communicate information by emitting electromagnetic energy, making the atoms within other spheres vibrate at a particular frequency. They are the first gaseous “cells” to meet what some feel are the requirements for life. Sanduloviciu even thinks they could have been the first cells on Earth.

Dr. V.N. Tsytovich of the Russian Academy of Sciences, writing in a paper for the New Journal of Physics states: “Complex plasmas may naturally self-organize themselves into stable interacting helical structures that exhibit features normally attributed to organic living matter.” He adds, “We examine the salient features of this new complex ‘state of soft matter’ in light of the autonomy, evolution, progenity and autopoiesis principles used to define life. It is concluded that complex self-organized plasma structures exhibit all the necessary properties to qualify them as candidates for inorganic living matter that may exist in space provided certain conditions allow them to evolve naturally.”

Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, states of plasma life: “The facts are, we still don’t have a good definition of what ‘life’ is.” Shostak points out that while most biologists include as requirements for life the ability to metabolize and reproduce, it’s easy to think of things that break these rules. “Fire, for example, reproduces and metabolizes, and mules, which are clearly alive, can’t reproduce. We still stumble on what it means to be alive, and that means that these complex molecules are in a never-never land between the living and the merely reacting." Shostak added, “If plasma were considered alive it would completely overturn common assumption about what life is.”

Dr. Massimo Teodorani is an Italian astrophysicist and author. He is now helping to re-launch Project Hessdalen in Norway (see below.) In a recent paper entitled “The Intelligent Plasma Hypothesis”, Teodorani related some remarkable observations about a class of plasma that is “conscious”: ”Plasma may behave as a highly cooperative structure, like if particles (ions and electrons) that are even very far away from each other are able to “feel” instantaneously what happens to one of them. This gives to plasma – at least qualitatively – a structure of coherence that is not dissimilar to the coherence found in quantum objects. Therefore the many particles composing plasma behave like if they were only one entity and not separated from each other, in such a way that any action done on a group of particles is just “felt” by another group of particles composing the same plasma agglomerate. At this point it is not so difficult, at least qualitatively, to find a strict similarity between plasma particles and the microtubules inside brain neurons. The previously amply discussed “OrchOr” Penrose-Hameroff theory about the brain states that microtubules and tubulins therein act like only one entity described by the same wave function. When – according to Penrose’s physics model – the wave function spontaneously collapses, a moment of consciousness is generated, in such a way that an average human being is able to experience at least one million moments of consciousness daily. Let’s now come to plasma. Can be the elementary particles constituting a plasma compared to microtubules in order that such particles, by composing a cooperative entity described by only one wave function, when working in unison all together can give rise to the emergence of consciousness? We are simply hypothesizing that some plasma balls might work at certain circumstances as a brain capable to produce moments of consciousness. But being a brain implies being a form of life. Is it possible that a life form made of plasma exists? It seems so, according to some studies simulating its behavior.”



Plasma physicist Dr. Anthony Peratt of Los Alamos National Laboratory has presented a paper proposing that ancient eyewitnesses observed high-energy plasma formations in their skies. Peratt has studied plasma instabilities for a quarter of a century. When it was brought to his attention that some ancient petroglyphs and odd rock art images resemble plasma discharge forms, he was intrigued. Over the past few years, he has collected and classified rock art data, comparing the forms to the plasma discharge patterns he’s studied in the lab. The ancient forms are not only similar to the lab forms, but many can also be overlaid exactly, as seen here:

Also see Section 7

Also as a matter of fact, I have been shown classified material about this UFO stuff, and I can assure you that I am taken quite seriously by several intelligence agencies.

On May 2, 2023, at 2:02 AM, wrote:

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My 1997 paper is “Flying Saucers Explained”.

I did not speculate on the form of life, just that they were spacefaring organisms which, for some reason(s), needed to return to a planetary environment in order to reproduce (requiring, for example, atmosphere, gravity, or some nutrient unavailable in space). We see similar behaviour in terrestrial amphibians, some of which spend almost all of their adult life on land but must return to an aquatic environment in order to reproduce.

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PS The mind-control is real. I have classified military intelligence on that. I cannot give the details until I have permission. Hopefully that will come in 2024. This is a major upheaval in the conception of the universe.

  1. we are not alone

  2. time travel warp drive NHI metric engineering technology is operational.

  3. The US, Russian and other militaries are keenly aware of this.

  4. NHI has neutralized our Nuke ICBMs - at least some of them

  5. Control of gravity with small amounts of Tuv is equivalent to World Hologram Simulation because of ER = EPR.

Tonite 7pm California time - Dec 4, 2023

Here are the Links:

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