Pi Computed to 100 Trillion Digits

Google has announced “Even more pi in the sky: Calculating 100 trillion digits of pi on Google Cloud”. In a computation which ran from 2021-10-14 through 2022-03-21 on a Google Cloud compute node with 128 virtual CPUs and 864 Gb RAM, the Chudnovsky algorithm as implemented by Alexander Yee’s y-cruncher v0.7.8 was used to compute π to 100 trillion decimal digits. The compute node was configured with 633 terabytes of storage, of which 515 terabytes were used, performing 43.5 petabytes of reads, 38.5 petabytes of writes, for 82 petabytes of input/output total.

The result was verified by computing the final digits directly by the Bailey–Borwein–Plouffe algorithm and comparing the final 100 digits of the result with those from the full computation,. The final ten digits are “3095295560”.

You can access the complete set of digits in various ways from the Pi Delivery Web site. Included is transformation of the digits of π into music which, if played at 314 beats per minute, will run for 605,516 years. The Pi Delivery and visualisation source code is available on GitHub.