Reasons for Optimism ... or Pessimism

Another of those fascinating items which the Lame Stream News misses:
Indian startup successfully sends rocket with 3D-printed engine to space — RT India

"Indian space startup Agnikul Cosmos on Thursday carried out a sub-orbital test-flight of its home-built 3D-printed semi-cryogenic rocket – Agnibaan – after four unsuccessful attempts. …

Thursday’s test showcased the country’s first semi-cryogenic engine, which uses a mix of liquid and gas for propellant, and utilized the first single-piece 3D-printed engine designed and built domestically. The test is seen as a predecessor to the launch of Agnibaan, a launch vehicle capable of carrying a 300kg payload 700km into orbit, according to the Times of India. …

The company, which was founded in 2017 by two aerospace engineers, aims to offer launch-on-demand services. …"

The optimist in me sees that the technological genie has escaped the bottle of the dying West. Even if Our Betters manage to destroy us, human beings elsewhere on Planet earth will carry the torch forward.

The pessimist in me wonders how long before Hamas has access to the technology to build a missile to launch at the DC Swamp. Or is that the optimist again?


Not really related to 3D printing, but a bit of humor about Pessimists and Optimists…