Robotic Battery Swapping for Electric Vehicles

Here is more about Nio electric vehicles. Nio’s “Battery as a Service” (Baas) option now operates over 2100 battery swap stations in China and 30 in Europe, including Norway, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands, where this video was made. A customer who opts for BaaS pays about 25% less for the vehicle compared to the price with a customer-owned battery. Swapping batteries takes around three minutes.

In the video, a Nio representative notes that the battery swap stations can recharge the batteries at a lower rate during off-peak periods and even provide peaking power to the grid from charged batteries during high load conditions.

The 2013 bankruptcy of Better Place, which incinerated around US$ 1 billion in venture money, soured sentiment toward battery swapping as an alternative to fast charging networks for electric vehicles. Will it make a comeback?