Rocket Lab “Stronger Together” Launch

Rocket Lab plans to launch an Electron rocket carrying two Capella Space synthetic aperture imaging radar satellites to a 600 km low Earth orbit at 44° inclination on 2023-03-16 in a two hour launch window opening at 22:00 UTC. The launch will be Rocket Lab’s second from its Launch Complex 2 on Wallops Island, Virginia in the U.S. Weather is forecast as 90% favourable for launch.


The two satellites, each with mass of 112 kg, are the ninth and tenth of Capella Space’s second generation synthetic aperture radar satellites, which provide all-weather, day and night imaging with resolution of 0.5 metres per pixel.

Here is a pre-flight preview from Everyday Astronaut.

Here is NASA’s prediction for visibility of the launch.


?Is Rocket Lab considering launching any other satellites, to cover more western parts of the US.

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Rocket Lab is a launch services company—they’ll launch to any orbit the customer wants them to. With two launch sites, one in New Zealand and the other in Virginia, they can launch to just about any azimuth the customer requests.

The map is of visibility of the rocket as it ascends to orbit. It has nothing to do with the orbit of the satellite after it is delivered to orbit.


Ah. I misunderstood the chart.