Satisfying Accomplishments in a Time of Covid

Currently doing the second half-hour installmentof my daily aerobics on Precor AMT. That I do every day. Today, however, I accomplished more. I drove 3 miles to the drug store to pick up one of my wife’s rx’s. I go there so many times a month for the two of us that I expect they are tempted to charge me rent. Right after that, I stopped next door & bought a few things at the supermarket, mostly unhealthy but sooo tempting.

Got home, swept off the back porch and began moving firewood stacked at the side of the house (inconveient for winter use) to the covered back porch (convenient for winter). I have lots of that remaining, but a start is good.

The piece de resistance (haven’t figured out keyboard shortcuts for acccent marks yet on this machine, so pardon my French): I finally managed to run Linux and install Brave browser on this Acer Chromebook which sits on my AMT. I have been wanting to do that for some time, but was afraid to try it. I definitely didn’t want to attempt that for the first time on my Macbook Air which contains everything important in my life. That has 2 local backups and I am considering a third off site. Anyway, I am pleased with myself today and thought I would share thegood news.


I make lists of TTDT (things to do today) in my handwritten journal, and get so much satisfaction from scrawling a flambuoyant check mark next to ‘em. Simple pleasures….