SCANALYST: Two Year Retrospective

SCANALYST was unleashed on the Web on 2021-10-13. It was in initially in a somewhat rough form, bur rapidly achieved stability, which its predecessors, the late, unlamented, and the advertising-cluttered (while requiring user paid subscriptions—huh?), “defeat with dignity” cucked have never attained.

As of 2023-11-21, SCANALYST has hosted:

  • Topics (posts) 3,600
  • Comments 21,400
  • Users 162

These numbers may be small compared to other sites, but I believe the quality of the commentary here and the passion and intellectual integrity of this site’s users are among the best on the Web.

We’re winning.


Congratulations, great work. Agree 100%.


Time flies! Is it really two years? I don’t have much time left to get ready for Y2K.