Scholastic Aptitude Test, the Coin Rotation Paradox, and Sidereal Time

Here is more on the coin rotation paradox, which is related to the difference between solar time and sidereal time in astronomy.


I got it right.


Initially disturbing, then fascinating, finally thought provoking. In the big picture, though, we are now fortunate to understand the greater meaning of math problems. The facts so painstakingly described in the video are, wokeness insists, merely creations of the racist, heteronormative patriarchy for purpose of oppression of its victims. Naturally, logic being merely another social construct, social justice requires abandonment of any attempt to measure individual “merit” (now reduced to a four-letter word). And why not? Otherwise, how could the most progressive of universities assemble 14 teams (and two associates) and call themselves “The Big Ten”? The latter is a stellar example of how today’s “education” establishment has traversed the woke wormhole to build sandcastles in an obtuse (not parallel) universe.


I like to visualize this as the path itself is a rotation, so you get one more than that caused by the contact. That is, if you imagined a tiny, low-friction flat in the moving coin at the point of contact, and kept that flat tangent to the other coin, the moving coin would make exactly one rotation on its path around the other coin. The rotations due to contact add to the rotation due to the path.


Great video!

I see where I made my mistake: I miscalculated the actual radius of rotation