Scott Adams Finally Wakes Up To "Libertarian" Cultivation By Maoists

Scott Adams almost loses it when he discovers Rand Paul is a Maoist asset.

I’ve been saying for years that the “Libertarian Movement” was cultivated by a Maoist intelligence agency. Open borders so the US goes into a fratricidal race war to stop Democrats from becoming the One Party State. Denying monopolies exist so Silicon Valley destroys the Bill of Rights by privatizing all aspects of totalitarianism. It’s obvious.

And, yes, I was a convention delegate for Ron Paul in BOTH 2008 (Washington State) AND 2012 (Iowa).

When Ron Paul called a border wall the equivalent of a Berlin Wall to keep US Citizens from fleeing during the 2012 Presidential debates… sacrificing political viability on the altar of violating the most fundamental promise that any civilization makes to its young men in exchange for them giving up their natural right to individual combat in defense of their vital territory, that’s when I knew for certain.


Scott Adams attributes the open border to the cartels being in partnership with the CIA and says Trump is right to when he advocates defunding the government since enforcing the border is the government’s first job and it will not do it.

He also says this is the only time he will talk about this because he doesn’t want to be killed.

I’ve been warning that large Midwestern land owners are not only being targeted by the cartels with forward deployed soldiers posing as cheap workers, cartels have, for some time, been utilizing those landowners in the Republican Party to take over America. One of these so-called Republicans recently told me that Biden has done more to control the Border than Trump. That is a clue as to how deeply corrupted their minds have been by the cartels. These are the Iowa Republican leadership such as Joni Ernst with her “F” grade on unnecessary worker visas from NumbersUSA. Legalizing illegal immigration against the will of most citizens is Joni’s job. She’s a cartel asset.



I think of Henry V:
“But O! What shall I say to thee, Lord Scrope?”


I was inspired to blow off an afternoon doing this cartoon by the “Republican Businessman” who said this to me and thereby illustrated in just how much danger Conservatism Inc. is of a French Revolution – but not before they’ve ushered in an army of military aged male infiltrators for the cartels. You can only imagine where he gets his “biscuits” but here’s a clue: He’s got those fine young men looking for a better life in Iowa working for he and his associates. We’d all be better off if his biscuit were laced with a hefty dose of actual Fentanyl rather than economic rent virtual-Fentanyl.