“Seaflooding”—Making Deserts Bloom by Creating New Inland Seas


On 2023-05-09, Tomas Pueyo posted a thread on Twitter on “Seaflooding”, creating inland seas in below-sea-level arid areas, as nature did when the Mediterranean flooded from the Atlantic 5.33 million years ago.

The Mediterranean used to be a dry, salty, inhospitable hellhole before the Zanclean Megaflood

Thanks to that flood, we have a wonderful sea. Life, trade, and the economy have thrived on its shores for thousands of years

What if we replicated that?

We know what would happen:

Fill a dead depression with seawater
With more moisture, rains follow
Desert flowers blossom
As water accumulates, early on it turns pink

Then it turns blue and green
Plants appear
Animals appear
An economy follows

Where can we do this?

Read the whole thread for the answer and description of several candidates for such projects. Why should we assume the present configuration of land and sea, which has been ever-changing for billions of years, is optimal? Here is a more detailed exposition, “Seaflooding”, on the author’s Uncharted Territories Substack site.

Then there’s the time something similar happened in California, by accident.


The easiest to flood would be Lake Assal.

It’s only a couple of miles from an ocean inlet:


And that takes out the Dead Sea as a candidate. The fresh water Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River are below sea level. They and the surrounding towns would be destroyed by any out of control release of sea water into the Dead Sea.


A sea level rise of 30 meters will naturally connect the Black Sea with the Caspian Sea, flooding a chunk of Western Kazakhstan and Southern Russia.


One macroengineering plan that would do far more than inland flooding to mitigate atmospheric CO2 and enhance biodiversity, is merely deploying Algasol photobioreactors on brackish ponds in the US desert SW to produce chlorella. I’ll resurrect the Mediawiki-style model if anyone is interested in taking a look at it, but thus far, I’ve not been very motivated. I have just too much evidence that no one in power and/or influence really cares a rats ass about the fact that this would feed the world a US level protein diet of high value acquaculture, rewild the rain forests and pay for reengineering all US coal fired power plants to be practically zero emission.

It is all virtue signalling while seeking more centralized power from the Sierra Club to the WEF.