Second Life Founder Dubious of Prospects for the Metaverse

Axios has published an interview with Second Life founder and CEO from 1999 through 2013 Philip Rosedale, titled “A virtual world pioneer has doubts about the metaverse”.

Here are few excerpts.

“I think what we’ve learned — and somewhat with some sadness, given the work that I’ve done, I would have to agree — is that it’s not for everybody, and maybe it’s never for everybody.”

[O]f Meta’s chances of succeeding with their new metaverse project: “Well, I hope they don’t.”

But people, in general, didn’t want to spend long periods of time in it. “I was saying that almost immediately we were all going to be spending television length durations of time or something like that in the virtual world, doing things with people. And that part was definitely not true.”

Just as he experienced with “Second Life,” Rosedale says, "there still arises this weighty question of what is it that’s going to cause, you know, normal people, a lot of the time, to be willing to go into these online spaces?”

“And I think we still haven’t answered that question.”

Companies [are] circling “like vultures about the possible spoils of more of your time, having to go online.”