SETI Institute Jumps the Reticulan

Meet Adriana Knouf, our newest artist in residence! Adriana engages with topics such as wet media, space art, satellites, radio transmission, non-human encounters, queer and trans futurities, and machine learning. Join SETI AIR Director Bettina Forget and Adriana as they talk about her project TX-1, which has flown on the International Space Station, TX-2, an experiment in speculative satellite construction, and how space travel can be made more accessible to those marked as transgender.

I actually once donated money to the SETI Institute to support the Laser SETI project. The above illustrates the rationale for my philanthropic guideline of “never fund an organisation located in a continent-wide failed state with a third of a billion grifters and layabouts trying to pull down a thin scum of creative, productive individuals.”

The SETI Institute’s Artist in Residence (AIR) Director is named “Bettina Forget”. Does that make her “AIRhead in Chief?” I forget.