Setting a Default Home Page

When you visit the home page of the site, the default view is posts (“Topics” in Discourse terminology) in descending order of recent activity (time of post or most recent comment [“Reply”]). Several other views are available which you can display from the “hamburger” :hamburger: (three bars) menu at the top right of the window:

  • Latest (default)
  • New (new since your last visit)
  • Unread (posts and comments you haven’t read)
  • Top (most active)
  • Categories (list of categories, with recent posts in a sidebar)

If you’d prefer one of these as your default home page view of the site, you can choose it by clicking your avatar icon at the top right, clicking the Profile (head and shoulders :bust_in_silhouette:) icon, then selecting “Preferences”. On the Preferences page, click “Interface” in the bar at the left, then under the item “Default Home Page” set your selection and press “Save Changes”. You will now see your choice as the SCANALYST home page.


On sites where I am highly interested in everything, I set all categories to “Watching”. My notifications list then serves as a dynamic “unread” indicator along with other notifications. It make the default “Latest” page more useful. Where I’m not watching everything, the “unread” page is most helpful.

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