So is this as bаd as I think?

Does anybody here practice law in New York?
Okay we have a county court judge’s decision against Trump: $450M in fines and interest, over his valuations of his properties on loan applications? Where the applications themselves specifically said not to rely on the landowner’s valuations, which of course the lenders wouldn’t anyway?
And where no one was defrauded nor lost money?

Yesterday, we heard that truckers were planning to not deliver anything to NYC in protest. But they’re smarter than the Canadian truckers were: it won’t be a blockade, they simply won’t be going anywhere near New York City.

And this morning the business community of New York, brokers ‘n’ bankers, woke up. Anybody who ever got a loan secured by real property in NYC is vulnerable under the Honorable Judge Engoron’s ruling.

Oh, yeah, yeah, eventually an appeals court will straighten it out….but the key is “eventually”. I don’t think we can wait on this one.

If I were Trump’s lawyer I’d be asking the appellate court to stay Engoron’s ruling pending final disposition. But that doesn’t really help the business community, they’ll still be paralyzed, in case it isn’t overturned.

Is there any procedure in NY for n expedited appeal,is what I wanna know.

And how long will THAT take?

New York City is so vulnerable! Somebody has GOT to rescue this maiden chained to the rock, before the Trump Derangement Syndrome Monster devours her!


It’s worse.


So what can be done?


One can’t help but notice that the disreputable & dishonest “Professor” and “Nobel-Prize Winner” Michael Mann was ordered some years ago by a Canadian court to pay millions of dollars in damages to a person he had wronged. Somehow or other, “Professor” Mann has never got round to writing the check – without any apparent repercussions.

Could President Trump simply take the same course? How many Divisions does the New York Judiciary have anyway?


The NYC business community need not worry. Governor Kathy Hochul* has made it clear that if you don’t anger the Democrat party, no one gets hurt.

*Rhymes with “yokel”. Coincidence, apparently.

I live in NY, but am in the process of rectifying that situation. The election of Hochul was the very last straw. Another participant in The Big Sort.


What a bunch of crooks.


By forbidding him from doing business in NY for three years, they shut off his typical avenues for funds, also. They think of everything, and nothing. This is blowing up in their face already.


Oh God yes, after what I read today, it looks like Trump is going to have to actually deposit $450M plus $83M with the court, the actual money, not just an appeal bond, as in my state, if he wants to appeal this and the Carrol judgments.
Ei yii yii. Is anybody that rich? Is HE?
What if he declared bankruptcy, so he could file the appeals in forma pauperis, and take advantage of the automatic stay?
He has GOT to find the money to appeal both of these spurious judgments. We need somebody like George Soros on OUR side.
What about Elon Musk? He could probably front that much money.

This is just horrible.


Trump should get a loan using his Mar-a-lago (ocean to lake) estate as collateral from a lender in Florida