Some News Deserves the Boot

More or less every sentient being on the planet recognizes that the Biden MalAdministration was behind the destruction of Germany’s principal energy supply conduit – the NordStream pipelines. However, despite investigations by the relevant European countries, very little evidence has been released to the public – which itself is a highly telling factor.

Now private investigators have got in on the act and have found an abandoned diver’s boot near the destroyed pipelines.

Of course, the most likely explanation is that the boot was carried there from elsewhere by Baltic currents. Or perhaps it was detritus from one of those unreleased Euro country investigations. But let’s not lose sight of the key revelation: "The boot closely resembles the Thor diver overboot produced by Northern Diver, a British company whose products are produced in China."

So now is Germany going to sue China for contributing to the destruction of its vital energy supply?


Wait, you seriously believe a team of specialized divers would forget a diving boot on site? This harebrained piece of news strikes me as excellent evidence that it was actually a Russian op in the first place.

Here’s the evidence the other side produced, for comparison:

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It’s like a game of Clue. Russia with satchel charges from a tugboat. Ukraine with Claymores from a yacht.


Or Biden with tween girls in the dining room.


There’s a disinformation ecosystem out there, here’s an interesting video that explores the phenomenon (the deep-link is to the section of the video about the business model for small media outlets):

It’s pretty simple: fiction is much more interesting than reality, people watch movies far more than documentaries.

Certain award for non sequitur of the day!

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I heard they found Putin’s passport next to the boot…