SpaceX Crew 3 Launch

After a series of delays, the SpaceX Crew-3 launch for NASA now appears to be ready to go, with launch scheduled for an instantaneous launch window at 02:03 UTC on November 11, 2021, which is 21:03 on November 10 in local time at the Florida launch site. This will be the first flight of a new Crew Dragon spacecraft, named “Endurance”. The first stage booster, B1067, has flown one time previously. Here is a preview of the flight from Everyday Astronaut.


Here is the SpaceX live stream of the launch.


This is the second nighttime Crew Dragon launch that I’ve watched from the Banana Creek viewing area. The other launch had clear skies, and we could see the space station pass overhead just before liftoff. This launch was far from clear skies: it was preceded by soaking rain, and thick patchy low altitude clouds still hung around over the launch pad at liftoff. The clouds made for a spectacular view.