SpaceX: “Starbase—Gateway to Mars”


Ford commercialized Benz’s car.
Boeing commercialized Wright’s plane.
SpaceX/Musk commercialized Goddard’s rocket.

Moon, Mars, … and beyond!


Fascinating shot at 1.19. How to lift a massive Starship and stack it high in the air on top of a rocket to millimeter precision? Use a commercial crane. No need to re-invent the wheel or design an ultra-expensive NASA special.

Thanks Heavens for Elon Musk!

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Impressive indeed. However, if my research with Professor Keith Wanser Cal State Fullerton Physics Dept is on the right track, and if the UAP Pentagon reports about US Navy Close Encounters are not some kind of weird Psy Op then all rocket technology is obsolete. The encounters with the UAPs by the US Armed Forces and allegedly Russian and Chinese are smoking gun evidence for warp drive - control of the gravity field around the craft with SMALL amounts of energy. In fact, George Koopman almost 50 years ago was one of the spooks who got me into this research track.

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