SpaceX Starlink Group 4-10 Launch

SpaceX plans to launch 48 Starlink satellites into Shell 4, with an eventual 540 km circular service orbit at 53.22° inclination, on 2022-03-09 at 13:45 UTC. This will be the 4th flight of Falcon 9 booster B1052, flying 36.61 days after its last launch. This will be this booster’s first Starlink launch.

The launch will follow the southerly trajectory in the interest of better weather and sea conditions in the booster and fairing recovery zones. This is expected to be the last Starlink launch on this trajectory of the season, with subsequent Florida launches using the northern trajectory that allows a greater payload (usually 60 satellites).

Here is the pre-flight preview from Everyday Astronaut.

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I have cued the replay video to start one minute before launch. The first stage booster landing was also successful. The first stage booster, B1052, flew its first two times as a Falcon Heavy side booster. It was converted to the Falcon 9 first stage configuration and flown the third time on 2022-01-31, then turned around for today’s Starlink launch.

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