SpaceX Starship Six-Engine Static Fire

SpaceX has announced road closures for a static firing test of Starship SN 20 sometime today, 2021-11-10. Jessica Kirsh has scheduled live stream coverage to starting at 16:00 UTC. Following these events requires patience, as delays are common and SpaceX does not announce events leading up to the test. This is to be the first static firing test which includes the Raptor vacuum engines as well as the sea level Raptors used in previous tests.

The continuous live streams from NASASpaceflight and LabPadre will likely also cover the test.


The six-engine static fire test was just completed. This live stream, still in progress, shows the test. Scroll back until you see it.

Click on the following tweet for a clip of just the test.

Elon Musk has confirmed that this was a six-engine firing, the first time the Raptor vacuum engines have been fired on a Starship.

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Here is another view of the test, from LabPadre. Click the tweet to view.

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One step closer to Mars and beyond !!!