SpaceX Starship Stacked on Super Heavy by Mechazilla

This video, two hours and forty-four minutes long, shows the complete lifting and stacking of Starship atop the Super Heavy booster by Mechazilla and its “chopstick” arms. This is in preparation for a status update on Starship by Elon Musk scheduled to begin at 02:00 UTC on 2022-02-11 (the evening of Thursday, the 10th, in western hemisphere time zones).

Here are some still photos posted by Elon Musk of the stacking in progress.


Does the crane in the last photo really say “TGM Wind Services”?

Could it be that the economic insanity of technologically-ignorant politicians & bureaucrats mandating and subsidizing environmentally-damaging unsustainable windmills has finally given rise to something useful?

As ancient wisdom noted long ago: “It is an ill wind that blows nobody any good”.