Special Persecutor Appointed!

No, I intend “persecutor”. That aint spellcheck.
Why is this bozo wearing a purple stole in his pictures? Is he a member of the Inquisition?
Oh, he’s registered as Independent (prudent fellow) but who put him in the DOJ?
I looked up 20 CFR 600.1. The AG can appoint special counsel whenever it might appear to be a conflict of interest for the DOJ to investigate or, in this case, continue investigating, a matter. I reckon that’s the reason for his initially puzzling reference to Ol’ Bygone’s candidacy…
This wouldn’t be happening if any important members of the GOP had raised the hue and cry they should have raised over the dawn raid on Mar a Lago. But: not a peep. (Contrast with their indignant attitude cuz Trump jumped the gun a little on primary season. )

Oh yes, these are “ongoing” investigations. Congress has been at it re J6 for what, a year and a half? And they finished with it, didn’t they? And in the last few days I’ve read in so many places that, um, actually whatever presidential papers Trump retained really aren’t anything critical. I can see why Trump said he thought those investigations had died down. We thought so, too, didn’t we?
But wee Jackie Smith is a new broom! He can do things the DOJ couldn’t do without appearing partisan!
Lemme ask ya: what has Bygone/ Hapless’ DOJ done already that doesn’t appear partisan?
“These are the clouds about the fallen sun…”


And there is the heart of the problem. The Institutional Republicans are tame sheep, doing whatever their superiors in the Institutional Democrats/Deep State tell them to do or not to do. Sad!

We cannot vote our way out of this mess. So the only future is the coming economic collapse. That will not be the End of the World. Human societies will carry on. But the American Experiment will be over, and will be judged to have been a failure.


Indeed, the Institutional Republicans are far worse than “tame sheep “. They are Quislings in the full sense of that word.


“We cannot vote our way out of this mess”….I have read that so often on our mutual blog sites. But it occurs to me that the recent midterms have definitively proven it to be true. If there were ever a time when we could have expected a nationwide repudiation of the party in power, this was it! But instead we got more proof that at least half the nation endorses the destruction of our country. Oh yeah, there may have been some cheating, but as they say: if it ain’t close, they can’t cheat. It WAS close; many of the races we hoped to win were squeakers. And just that fact alone means the country is lost. O V E R. Welp—245 years was a good long run……


It is not quite as bad as that. I hate to sound like an optimist, but we have to remember two factors. First is that lots of people did not vote – I know some of them; they mostly took the line that the elections were going to be fraudulent, so why bother voting? Second is that among the people who did vote, the majority voted for Not-The-Democrats – not that it did much good, because of the first factor. We are probably down to less than a third of the nation that endorses the destruction of our country, even if lots of them don’t realize that is what they were voting for.

Thus we can retain a certain amount of hope for many of our fellow citizens – but no hope at all for the Political Class (Republicrats as well as Democrats), who are definitely driving the ship of state straight into the iceberg.

I read an excellent life of Julius Caesar recently (“Caesar: A Sketch”, by J. A. Froude published pre-Woke in 1901). Sections of the book describing the late-Republic corruption & incompetence of the Roman Ruling Class sound rather similar to what we see around us today – conditions which gave rise to ordinary Roman citizens generally welcoming Caesar’s kicking the Ruling Class to the curb. Will history rhyme?


I spent several months developing transitive proxy voting software with interactive voice response to then announce my candidacy for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District a year ago last September. I didn’t expect to win nor to save the country with transitive proxy voting, but I hoped to help rural voters discover their organic command hierarchies emergent from my campaign. Politics is the continuation of war by other means and at some point it is likely that the means are going to be other than politics, at which point those command hierarchies are going to become more essential than people now imagine. My campaign was cut short by my wife’s entry into end of life hospice on new years eve, and I spent several months with her before she finally died in September – a year after my announced candidacy.

I’m no longer as hopeful that these command hierarchies can be discovered before they’re needed, so I’ve shifted my emphasis to a Militia Money as a local preparation measure for establishing local autonomy in life support, assortative migrations and defense against roving gangs.