Steinway Tower—Taking “Pencil Towers” to the Extreme

The Steinway Tower, located at 111 West 57th Street in New York City, stands 435 metres tall with a width of just 17.91 metres, for a slenderness ratio of around 24:1, the skinniest building in the world at the present time. It has 84 floors, divided into 46 condominiums.

Due to the slender aspect ratio, the top of the building sways as much as one metre in high winds; a 730 tonne steel tuned mass damper installed at the top of the tower limits sway due to wind and seismic shocks. Floors 51, 71, and 86 are unoccupied and contain windbreaks.

Residents, who have paid prices (as of 2018) ranging from US$ 16 million for a studio apartment to US$ 66 million for the three-floor penthouse, and descend to street level in one of the fourteen elevators in the building, must face the fact that they’re in New York City.