Stem cell injections—should I?

I read the article Black Prince cited. Wait, HOW could this happen with all the informed consent requirements? You tell the patient he/she is having joint repair, and then all you do is slit the skin? Then you go on deceiving the patient, marveling at how easily he/she is recovering? I don’t get it! Pleas explain! !


gms did, not me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good point about life extension and the deleterious effect on social security.

Except for Chile :chile: because they privatized.

Whenever people say privatization can’t work I tell them have you seen Chile?


A worthy personal goal

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Pessimists (realists?) suggest that even privately owned assets may not be an answer to the “Never Never Land” of pensions in nations in which population is declining and the proportion of non-working old people is increasing.

The argument is basically supply & demand for assets. When old folks start to sell their assets in order to fund their immediate expenditures – and there are fewer working-age people looking to buy such assets – then the price of assets will necessarily decline. That means the old folks will have to sell even more assets, further driving down prices and setting up a death spiral on the ability of old folks to support themselves (without continuing to work).

Of course, the real pessimists suggest that the whole world will have gone pear-shaped long before the private retirement funding situation reaches that state. Time will tell!


We saw this with Japan starting in 1990.

Regarding social security, private is still better in spite of the demographic challenges


All these studies receive IRB approval for ethics. So, in the view of the Institutional Review Board, the proposed intervention was acceptable. I am sure patients had to give their informed consent for the study results to be published.

My take is that this was a study/trial pitched to patients to which it was explained the interventions were going to be randomized. I don’t know that if I were presented with the facts and understood the probability of receiving the sham treatment arm I would reject it out of hand. If anything, these type of results call into question the efficacy of surgical interventions that are deemed “state of the art”. If sham surgery does just as well as real surgery, what does tell us about the surgical modality?

The mind is a very powerful tool and there are well known instances of these kind of interventions. See, for instance, using a mirror to treat phantom limb pain in amputees.


To go back to the title of this thread - if you decide to go ahead, will you please report back :wink:


U know I would! But as I said in the OP, my BMD is my doctor—and he doesn’t seem impressed. I ain’t goin’ off to Cancun alone, AMA, as it were.

Y’know, in connection with this topic, it occurred to me that I have no medical records, except for pregnancy and childbirth. My father handled any little complaint, then I married a doctor, so…it was all in-house. So lucky!

You gents wouldn’t understand, but in the end I reckon I have to analogize this to cosmetology. It is so tempting when you hear about a rejuvenating skin treatment, instant eye lift, product to eliminate crepey skin. BUT you have to say to yourself, come ON!! if this were really effective, everybody would know about it, and nobody would look older than 35. It’s like tooth whitening:THAT’s real, and anybody who wants to now has rows o’Chiclets in the mouth.

But yesterday at an event we attended of a club we belong to, I got two compliments from relative strangers. So I thought,: okay, I’ve still GOT it! It’s just, the people who WANT “it” are a lot older than before. That’s fair….


I will not compliment a woman other than my wife or sisters given the possibility it will be taken as an affront. This is the practiced art of over 30 years of working in corporate America where anything can be taken as sexual harassment.

Every time I thought to compliment a female coworker, I was reminded how sad the situation is in the US.

I like your glasses. Nope
Your new hair style looks great. Nope
I like your scarf. Nope

Just unbelievably sad.

I guess on the plus side, I looked for opportunities to compliment their work.


Oh, whew! So THAT’S the only reason I don’t get as many compliments as I used to!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The good ol’ days, or bad ol’ days, when men routinely and gratuitously commented on women’s appearance, catcalled, whistled, simply addressed remarks as they passed on the street!
Here’s the thing: if you were an attractive woman, it was all good, lotsa secondary sexual gratification comin’ your way. But if you were overweight, or, um, plain, men felt just as free to comment about that. “About four pounds, baby, that’s all you gotta lose!” yelled one guy from a construction site as I walked by. At the time it ruined my day, and see? I still remember it after all these years!

I just feel sorry for my young male friends. Apparently they can’t rely on just seeing a girl in a bar or at a party, chatting her up, asking her out. One of my friends said he started a conversation with a pretty girl he saw at church (!) and he didn’t even GET to asking her out before she asked him, “What are your intentions?” Sheesh, there’s a buzzkill! (I told him I wish he had said he only wanted to get into her pants.)


Such treatments, along with the steroids and growth hormones mentioned elsewhere may be the demographic cure to society’s problems.

As we age, our bodies pick up entropy. Some cells, or broader portions of our bodies, will respond to such therapy. But others won’t. There will inevitably be an area of a blood vessel in your brain where the cells are not regenerating as elsewhere.

So, one day, the 75-year-old will be out for a run like he was 40 again and that blood vessel will go. Quick death. Saves society paying for 20 years in assisted living.


Yes and what a way to go! “The instant made eternity”. I read about a guy who died in his saddle while waiting for the hunt to muster. It made me think of Browning’s The Last Ride, which I quoted at my father’s funeral:

…What if Heaven be that, fair and strong,
At life’s best, with our eyes upturned
Whither life’s flower is first discerned—
We, fixed so, ever should so abide?
What if we still ride on, we two
With life forever old, yet new
Changed, not in kind, but in degree—
The instant made eternity!
And Heaven just prove that I and he
Ride, ride together, forever ride!