Steve Bannon at CPAC

Here is Steve Bannon’s speech at CPAC 2022 in Dallas. At the end of the speech, Bannon homes on the ultimate enabler of the administrative state: the Federal Reserve, and echoes Ron Paul’s cry to “End the Fed”.

This has been taken down from YouTube (a low quality video shot from the audience is currently there, but who knows for how long), but may be watched on Rumble at the link above.


I proudly shook Ron Paul’s hand earlier this year. There is hope in coming years for a peaceful and prosperous resolving of the current crisis, if freedom loving citizens are diligent.


I wish I could share your optimism. Looking for historical analogs to our current situation, the most appropriate one would seem to be pre-Revolutionary France. Incompetent rulers, a bankrupt government, an oppressed population, and a difficult international situation.

Logically, the solutions to what ails us are fairly obvious. Close down entire government departments and fire the majority of government employees. Eliminate most regulations unless someone can prove that the benefits far outweigh the costs. Eliminate most of the Tax Code, and fire most of the employees of the IRS. Instead of taxing corporate profits, put tariffs on most imports (“Free Trade” only with near-peer countries). Restructure the educational system to focus on the 3Rs. Restructure corporate governance, to make Directors personally responsible and easily held to account. Maximum income laws for attorneys. The first 25 years of this new approach would be fairly painful, but things would improve rapidly after that.

Unfortunately, the chances of voting our way into anything close to that are … statistically Zero, with a very low uncertainty band.