Strong Recommendation: "The Real Anthony Fauci" Documentary

This video is free to stream for the next few days and then will go behind a pay wall. It is a very worthy investment of 1hr 50 minutes. Perhaps the best recommendation I can offer is that at least some of the trailers on youtube (sic) were immediately removed. The full film is on Rumble here.

The film is an accurate broad overview of the concerted manipulation of the public - everywhere - by elites with an over-arching lust for power at all costs. The title character, Anthony Fauci, serves as an archetype/personification/avatar for much of what is wrong with modern governance. Highly recommended. This presentation offers factual and unemotional evidence of the mountain of lies the entire world has been fed.


One of the many points this film makes is the extraordinary lengths TPTB went to prevent use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and to scourge those physicians who advocated it. It has always been legal to prescribe any approved medication for any non-approved use, subject only to an informed consent between the physician and the patient. This has remained completely legal throughout. Nonetheless, some organizations have simply ignored the law and disciplined physicians anyway, knowing most of the legal establishment is also prepared to ignore the law by fiat.

California’s legislature, in its wisdom, has set out to defrock any physician who “spreads misinformation not in accord with the standard of care”. This use of language betrays the legislature’s fundamental misunderstanding of the legal principle of standard of care. There is no such thing as the standard of care - the definite article is simply misinformed. There is a standard of care (indefinite article, meaning a reasonable standard of care, of which there are usually many). This longstanding fact recognizes that standards of care are more “living” than even the Constitution is for leftists; it evolves freely based upon evolving opinions of physicians. This kind of ‘crowdsourcing’ has long been a means by which medical care advances. It relies on the unfettered exchange of observation, opinion and information. Expect further deterioration of medical care in CA. Maybe Kaiser Permanente can change its name to Potemkin Temporaire.


The film was removed from Rumble, but you can watch it for free on the official website through October 27th.