Swiss Police Official: “It is conceivable that the population will rebel”

Zürich-based newspaper Blick reports (in German) on 2022-08-20, English translation of title, “It is conceivable that the population will rebel” (link is to a Google Translate English rendering of the article; here is the original German, «Es ist denkbar, dass die Bevölkerung rebelliert»).

The federal government is preparing at full speed for the impending power shortage. The focus is on the energy supply. But when there are bans, quotas or even network shutdowns , the security forces are also challenged. “Internal security then becomes a problem,” warned Jan Flückiger (44), Secretary General of the Energy Directors’ Conference. The federal government has not yet recognized the urgency in this regard.

In any case, the cantons insisted on being better involved in the preparatory work, as Chief Police Director Fredy Fässler (63) explains in an interview. The St. Gallen Government Council is President of the Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors (KKJPD).

What do you fear in view of the impending power shortage?
A grid shutdown or blackout would have far-reaching consequences. Just imagine: You can no longer withdraw money from ATMs, pay with your card in shops or fill up at gas stations. And all the heaters don’t work anymore. You have to be cold. It’s dark in the streets. It is conceivable that the population will rebel or that there will be looting. We have to prepare for such extreme scenarios - even if I don’t expect it to really come to that.

Would the security forces be operational at all if their electricity went out too?
In 2014, we practiced the situation of a power shortage and a blackout in a large security association exercise, also involving the blue light organizations. Major deficiencies were discovered in the process - such as the lack of emergency power generators for the police, hospitals and other critical infrastructure. These shortcomings have been corrected in recent years, so that the security forces are armed. But we are also prepared to make cash available to people if you can no longer pay by card in the store.

Do you think more criminals will take advantage when the lights are out?
I don’t want to paint the devil on the wall, but it has also been seen in environmental disasters that certain people have abused the situation to plunder unprotected objects. This could also be the case if the network is switched off, for example in shops where there is something to buy. It is all the more urgent to ensure that the police do not only react when something has already happened.

What do you advise the population if they are suddenly sitting in the dark?
It sure helps to check and stock up on emergency supplies. For example with food, candles, flashlights, batteries and gas cookers.

Also with weapons to protect yourself against unwanted guests in an emergency?
I definitely don’t recommend that! Confronting a burglar with a gun can be dangerous. Fortunately, we have no indication that the cantonal police are now overly busy with gun permits. So I say: Better get yourself waffles than guns.


Did the author get roasted in the comments?

Not having a gun when the burglar confronts you is the problem.


Not stated: apprehending criminals is the state’s job, post hoc.*

*n.b. the state has no legal duty to protect you. Ergo - you, dear citizen, are obliged to put yourself at the mercy of criminals who no longer fear entering your home knowing you are there.

As seems to be the rule today, this situation represents a reversion to feudal times. It is a perversion of the old “droit du seigneur”, except here, the right to enter your home extends to anyone who ‘identifies’ as possessing a superior right to your stuff than you. ‘They’ can also ‘identify’ as flesh-eating bacteria.


Not so much. You can view the comments by displaying the German version, scrolling down to the comments, then use the browser’s Translate feature to translate each batch as they display. you have to go white a whie to get to:

Meier Marco 08/20/2022 1:03 p.m

Of course he says he’d rather have waffles than guns. Otherwise the population could fight back!

I didn’t see another in the next hundred comments who remarked about guns.


I suggest not waffling but choosing a Texas perspective.