Tesla and the great "chip shortage"

Tesla delivering cars with missing USB ports and non-functional wireless charging:

One noteworthy issue is who will do the repairs. Tesla does not have a well-developed service infrastructure. Will they contract out to something like CarMax? Hertz?

Legacy manufacturers have been in negotiation with their dealers about discounted rates for such repairs. Historically, warranty repairs have been a profit center for dealers. If the manufacturers have to pay warranty repair rates to install missing parts like the Tesla USB ports, that will be quite expensive.



I note that in the linked article, Electrek is on-board with the Gleichschaltung:

This is what happens when a pandemic spreads unchecked across the world for more than a year (aided by high-profile billionaires with millions of followers who tweet conspiracy theories and cast doubt on the science of epidemiology…).

There’s long been a rule of thumb that every time you move the fix for a design and manufacturing problem one level down the chain from design to the customer the cost increases by around a factor of ten: if catching it in design costs x, fixing it after QA discovers it is 10x, fixing it after it’s released to manufacturing is 100x, and fixing it after it’s in the customers’ hands is 1000x. It looks like Tesla has opted for the 1000x solution.


My guess immediate cash flow drove the decision to go ahead and sell incomplete auto’s.