Tesla “Full Self Driving” Beta 10.69.2 [2022.20.15] on the Narrow Streets of Berkeley

Too aggressive? At 8:00 it accelerates rapidly to get around a left turn and manages to bottom out the suspension.


Personally I think this will remove the uninterested drivers and most likely open the roads for us “drivers” who like to go fast.

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Not likely. First, the indicated speeds are quite low and and generally below the limit. Is there any place in CA with a speed limit that’s not unreasonably low?

Second, if I drive through a course at an average speed of 40 mph, I might feel uncomfortable as a passenger with another proficient driver doing 35, a less proficient driver doing 30, or an AI doing 25. So I totally discount the commentary in all these videos unless the driver reports his own speed over the same course.

Then we have the specific instance you noted which involved acceleration rather than speed. Notably, the driver did not himself notice the dip. But also, in the pulling out situation I would wager that many accidents could be avoided if the driver entering the main route accelerated faster and few would be caused by that.