Tesla “Full Self-Driving” Beta 11.4.1—The Aggression Is Back

The last several releases of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta software have been reported to be more fluid, human-like, and cautious (for example, while earlier releases would do a “California roll” through a stop sign when no cross-traffic was visible, recent versions always come to a full stop, “encouraged” by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall order due to this behaviour.

The latest incremental update, V11.4.1, appears, based upon this test by AI DRIVR, to have upped the aggressiveness on the road substantially, asserting its right of way and cutting things closer as a (California) human driver might do. This is the first of two parts, with the forthcoming part said to show more examples of aggressive behaviour.


Here is the second half of the drive through San Francisco, including some difficult intersections, a cable car that the Tesla interprets as a large truck with people walking alongside, and more assertive behaviour in lane changes, dealing with oncoming vehicles, and pedestrians.


Have they added an anti-carjack mode for San Fran driving?


Preview of largest increase in capital equipment value in the history of civilization – even without including discounts for negative externalities*. With those discounts it is much greater.

*Although not necessary for this estimate, I also include externalities that even Musk wouldn’t because he’s constrained from doing so due to political correctness. In short, once people are acclimated to it, I expect full self driving to substantially reduce cortisol levels for people, which will increase the TFR of women that the economy has outbid their families for their fertile years. Although this won’t be nearly enough to undo the damage of that bidding war between human flesh and The Economy, the value being lost to future generations at present is absolutely catastrophic. Far more catastrophic than Musk can admit since he can’t admit any dysgenic impact. Any relief is a huge deal.

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