Texans Reduced To Border Red Rover Mud Wrestling By The Hollow State


Girls see impotent Texas National Guardsmen as exemplified by this confrontation. Their “Let’s You And He Fight” girl-primate hind-brains see only impotent genes that must not be allowed to afflict their future sons.

One of the “conservative” copes is: “If I were them, I’d be taking advantage of the broken US immigration system too!”

I wouldn’t.

You know why?

Because I’d expect to be killed once the population whose turf I’m violating realized that they’d been defrauded by the government that has tied their hands. The native Americans were defeated primarily not by fraud but by force. It is exceedingly dangerous to defeat people by fraud, especially people who have historically been very effective at force. Once they realize they’ve been defrauded, they’ll come after you with force and won’t stop until you are exterminated because they can’t trust anything you say, including “I surrender.”

This, by the way, applies to “Conservatism, Inc.” that uses the phrase “Broken Immigration System” as an excuse to continue to import cheap labor to economically castrate their own sons and blow a demographic hole the size of the Grand Canyon in their own population.

Such “conservatives” know deep in their souls that they will not receive mercy from the population that they’ve defrauded.

Even though guys like Trump offer them virtually unlimited “legal” immigration to continue to blow a demographic hole the size of the Grand Canyon in their own population (which, one might think, would appease them), they realize the danger implied by this passage From Machiavelli’s “Discourses”:

Although the Romans succeeded happily in being liberal to people, yet when danger came upon them from Porsenna coming to assault Rome in order to restore thy Tarquins, the Senate apprehensive of the plebs who might want to accept the Kings than to sustain a war, in order to assure themselves (of the plebs), relieved them of the salt gabelle and all other taxes, saying that the poor did much for the public benefit if they reared their children, and that because of this benefice that people should submit itself to endure siege, famine, and war: let no one who trusts in this example defer in gaming the people over to himself until the time of danger, for it will not succeed for him as it succeeded for the Romans; for the people in general will judge not to have gotten that benefit from you, but from your adversaries, and becoming afraid that once the necessity is past, you would take back from them that which by force you gave them, they will have no obligation to you. And the reason why this proceeding turned out well for the Romans was because the State was new, and not yet firm, and that the people had seen that other laws had been made before for their benefit, such as that of the appeal to the Plebs: so that they could persuade themselves that that good which was done, was not caused so much by the coming of the enemy as much as the disposition of the Senate to benefit them: In addition to this the memory of the Kings, by whom they had been ill-used and injured in many ways, was fresh. And as similar occasions rarely occur, so it rarely occurs that similar remedies do good. Therefore Republics as well as Princes ought to think ahead what adversities may befall them, and of which men in adverse times they may have need of, and then act toward them as they might judge necessary ((supposing some case)) to live. And he who governs himself otherwise, whether Prince or Republic, and especially a Prince, and then on this fact believes that if danger comes upon him, he may regain the people for himself by benefits, deceives himself, because he not only does not assure himself, but accelerates his ruin.

In other words, Conservatism, Inc. realizes it must now, in concert with the highest median income counties in the world (aka “The Deep State” population that surrounds the Beltway, basking in the warm moist of decaying glow of The Worst Resource Curse aka The World Reserve Currency) exterminate, as a matter of self-defense, the people who defeated the native Americans.

PS: From 2016: