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In 2023, The Lancet, an Elsevier journal founded in 1823, published a paper, “Excess mortality attributed to heat and cold: a health impact assessment study in 854 cities in Europe” (PDF full text), including the following chart.


Take a close look at the X axis scale at the bottom. Whoo-eee! Can you say “deceptive”?

Bjørn Lomborg re-plotted the data on a chart where the scales for deaths from cold and heat are equal.

The Lancet is the world’s highest impact medical journal”.


This immediately took me to thinking about Peter Hitchens’ revised opinion of the US in the adjacent thread, “The Crazy Years”. Some of us are wondering if it is worse for foreign visitors or for those born and imprisoned here. My vote is with the latter. That’s because those of us steeped in the now roiling pot atop the cultural/political stove, must now reassess all the “information” (now read “propaganda”) we were fed and naively accepted as to the moral and ethical nature of what we once believed to be an “exceptional” nation. My present understanding, profoundly sadly, is that what was exceptional was the effectiveness of the propaganda regime which imparted an almost completely untrue image of what we actually were. This is, perhaps, the worst imaginable form of deracination of a population at the hands of its now emboldened (by virtue of former success at systematic lies) and openly tyrannical and brutal overlords.


Heh. How much longer? Or are the others even worse? Could they be the best of a truly slimy, mediocre lot?


What ensued was the largest ­nonnuclear blast in history, initially ­lifting the barracks building off its foundations, according to the ­Pentagon’s December 1983 investigation into the event. ­

At 12,000 lbs. TNT equivalent, it was not quite as big as a single Grand Slam, let alone many famous and other non-combat blasts.

Also see:


The Fox News article quotes Defense News as saying the B61-7 has a maximum yield of 360 kilotons (kt). Numerous sources give the maximum yield as 340 kt, but what’s 20 kt between friends?


This is a B-41 nuclear bomb, deployed by the U.S. Strategic Air Command starting in 1960. Around 500 of these bombs were produced between September 1960 and June 1962. This was a three stage thermonuclear design, the only such weapon ever deployed by the U.S. It came in two versions: a “clean” model with a lead tertiary tamper and yield of 10 megatons and a “dirty” version with natural uranium tamper yielding 25 megatons. Using the 15 kt standard of the article for “Japan bomb”, that’s 1667 Hiroshima bombs, all in one 4.8 tonne package.

The last B-41 was retired in July 1976 in favour of the B53, with a yield of “only” 9 megatons. The last B53 was disassembled in 2011, having been retired by the “bunker buster” B61 Mod 11, said to have a yield of the usual 340 kt for B61s, or 400 kt according to a few sources.


Might be appropriate for a “Hanlon’s Razor is Dead” thread:

Another general collapsed who had eaten carrots:


Gretchen Carlson manages to hit two home runs in one at bat:

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This appears to be a light edit of a pidgin English source piece by someone with little knowledge of the subject matter. I wonder whether the name “Ryan King” is simply a made up name that the Post uses for such stories.

Some 15 cruise missiles rained down at the Saliva shipyard in Kerch, which is fixated about 600 miles south of Kyiv and is fixated in the eastern part of the Crimean Peninsula, per the Kremlin.

“fixated” sounds like a bad translation of source propaganda.

The operation took place not far from a major bridge between Crimea and Russia.

“a major” suggests there are multiple majors and at least one minor.


A winner in the “no evidence” category:

What they won’t link to:


Museum of London and BBC “Plague Strikes 14th Century London, Black Women Hardest Hit” gets Community Noted on &Xopf.

Museum of London:


𝕏 Community Notes:



They are effectively admitting that sea level rise due to “climate change” is trivial compared to subsidence. Although they appear to not appreciate the difference.

Satellite measurements from the study show that on top of the 74,000 square kilometers (29,000 square miles) of the Atlantic Coast losing 2 millimeters (0.08 inches) a year, over 3,700 square kilometers along the Atlantic Coast are losing more than 5 millimeters (0.2 inches) a year.

With the sea level rising 10 to 14 inches in the next three decades along the East Coast, this makes for what seems to be an inescapable situation.


Slightly off topic, but this is new levels of sample bias:

The BBC was given access by the Palestinian Authority-run health ministry in the West Bank to medical reports of 112 children, aged between two and 17, who were killed by Israeli fire between January 2023 and January 2024. We cannot know the exact circumstances of all of these shootings, and it is possible that some genuinely posed a threat to the lives of Israeli soldiers.

But our analysis showed that about 98% of them had injuries to the upper body, where a shot is more likely to be fatal, meaning that soldiers could be shooting to kill more often than wound in these cases.

It’s the opposite side of the bomber fallacy. It’s as if a German flack shell maker bamboozled Hitler by claiming that the they had invented a smart flack shell that precisely targeted a bomber’s engines and cockpit and “proved” it by only surveying the wrecks of allied bombers (ignoring all the damaged ones that were hit elsewhere and made it home).

This is also evidenced in the report by the misses.

And since when has shooting to wound been a legitimate thing?


You have to hand it to Israeli tech. Development of women/children - seeking cartridge rounds which perform so reliably is an impressive achievement.


Here we likely have a foolish millennial at the New York Post who never heard of Ronald Reagan.