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Well, guys, I guess this is it. Mighty Estonia has become the first NATO country to call for (someone else?) to impose a No Fly zone over the Ukraine. Surprisingly, Ukrainians keep calling for NATO to save them even though Twitter tells us that Russian forces are in shambles and the Ukrainians are winning. Presumably, someone in the West has told Estonia to demand (offer?) a No Fly zone as a trial balloon?

Enough of the Fog of War! Since “surprise” is one of the most powerful tactics in warfare, we should assume that the first Russian plane shot down by NATO would result in an immediate thermonuclear barrage aimed at most NATO capitals. The key question for us as individual voiceless citizens of “democracies” is – What should we do with our remaining time on Planet Earth?

Thinking this over, my personal plan is to plant out some saplings I have been nurturing over the winter months. Maybe a few of them will survive, and a hundred years from now the descendants of some human survivor may appreciate the shade … and perhaps even the beauty of a mature tree. Really hum-drum, I know.


Interesting. For now, I think I’ll just carry on with lambing. Only about 240 ewes to go!


Why get NATO involved? Surely the fearsome Estonian Air Force, with its 1568 personnel and six aircraft (two Polish M28 Skytruck transports, three Robinson R44 light helicopters, and one Czech Aero L-39 jet trainer) ought to be able to get the job done.

Heck, Estonia’s defence spending for 2022 is 2.31% of GDP, the third highest in NATO (after the U.S. [3.42%] and Greece [2.24%]). If they bumped it up to 3%, they could probably afford another Skytruck and a guy with a Streetsweeper to take down those SU-25s.


I will just spend my time with my wife and son and light my cigar off the mushroom cloud.


Me and my wife plan on watching a rodeo and some live Texas music.

Whether it is by Napoleon’'s army, a nuclear attack, or being hit by a bus – the end of our physical world on this earth is the end – so there is no sense in wondering how, or why, just that it is regrettably inevitable for all of us – except A.I. John Walker who will live forever!


Yesterday, 2022-03-17, the parliament of Lithuania joined Estonia in the “Let’s you and him commit an act of war against a nuclear power” club, reports LRT: “Lithuanian parliament calls for no-fly zone over Ukraine”.

The Lithuanian parliament on Thursday unanimously adopted a resolution calling for a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

The resolution “urges the United Nations to take immediate action to secure a no-fly zone over Ukraine to stop mass civilian deaths”.

The Lithuanian Air Force numbers 1000 personnel and operates 11 aircraft including three Alenia C-27J, two L-410 Turbolet, and one fearsome Cessna 172 fixed wing planes, plus two Mil Mi-17 and three Eurocopter AS365 helicopters.

Not to fear, should enforcement of a no-fly zone result in Russian retaliation against the NATO countries involved, under the NATO treaty the Lithuanian Air Force will be flying to their defence!


I can’t improve on Kamala Hapless:
It’s time for me to do what I have been doing. And that time is every day.
Get me a glass of red.


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